• Remote Learning 2.0

    First, a quick message from the 8th Grade Spartan Team

    I will be using Google Classroom to share announcements, lessons, assignments, Zoom links, and more!

    Use the class code or link below to join your correct History class.

    1st Period: jzuergl (or click here)

    3rd Period: pzx6tkd (or click here)

    4th Period: g2tsoet (or click here)

    5th Period: ib7yhdm (or click here)

    8th Period: o3aifff (or click here)

    Use the class code or link below to join my Success class.

    6th Period:  eik5keu (or click here)

    Please check Google Classroom daily and often!

    Office Hours:

    Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday - 1:15-2:15pm
    Wednesday - 1:15-1:45pm

    If you'd like to meet with me during this time, please email me before 12:05 p.m. that day to set it up.  Thanks!

    8th Grade Schedule

    8th Grade Schedule