Remote Learning Expectations

  • Knowledgeable Knight students are Responsible, Respectful, and Safe. 


    • Be on time for class meetings. 
    • Charge your device or have it plugged in. 
    • Find a quiet place to work and put away phones and other distracting items. 
    • Actively participate in lessons and discussions. 
    • Ask questions if you need help.
    • Camera is encouraged to be on during meetings.


    • Stay focused on the lesson/topic.
    • Mute your microphone when entering meetings.
    • Actively listen to your teacher & classmates.
    • Raise hand to speak and be unmuted.
    • Speak clearly and use appropriate language.
    • Use chat box appropriately.
    • Stay in class unless it is an emergency and avoid leaving while directions are being given. 


    • Wash your hands before using your device.
    • Be mindful of food and drink spills around your device.
    • Do not share passwords or personal information online.
    • Respect the privacy of everyone in the meeting.
    • Be mindful of your background.





  • Bathroom Policy

    • Please try to use the bathroom during the 5 minute "passing period" between classes.
    • If you have an emergency and need to use the bathroom, you may go without asking.
    • Please avoid leaving while directions are being given by the teacher.
    • Make sure you are MUTED when you leave to use the bathroom.
    • DO NOT take your device into the bathroom.
    • Please return quickly and quietly. 

    Snack Policy

    • You can have snacks and/or drinks during Zoom meetings. 
    • Prepare any snacks/drinks ahead of time.
    • Please MUTE yourself while chewing.
    • Avoid any classroom disruptions. 

AUGS Remote Learning Expectations Slideshow

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