•  Hello Parents.

    Important information that you need to know for the 2020-2021 School year:

    • Your child needs two codes for the school year. These codes are for Google Classroom and Zoom Class. These codes were sent out in an email dated Sunday August 16th. If you did not receive the email, or have misplaced the information, please fill out the Class Code Request form located here: Class Code Request Form
    • We will be meeting daily during our normal class times:
      • 7th Grade Choir: 7:30-8:00am
      • 8th Grade Choir: 8:05-8:35am
      • 6th Grade Choir: 11:35-12:05am
    • Once the school year settles in, students will also be required to attend Success Lessons during Success hour. Lessons will be held once a week Tuesday through Friday. Students will have some choice in which lessons to attend. More information on how Success Lessons will work will come at a later date. 
    • My office hours will be from 1:15-2:15pm. This time is set aside for students to meet with me for support in their learning through Zoom. This will also be a time that students can work on their performance for Broadway Showcase (if the student is wishing to participate in the Broadway Showcase).


    Student Expectations:

    Students will be expected to be in attendance during their class time on Zoom. Class on Zoom will run between 20 and 30 minutes. At times, students will use the last part of class time to start assignments or practice. Students will be expected to adhere to the Zoom Class Expectations (we will go over these during our first meetings). Highlights of this list will include be prepared to participate, no food (because we will be singing), be respectful to all participants, etc. 

    Students will be expected to attend one Success Lesson per week (once the lessons start). This process will help individualize learning for students. Details are forthcoming about this process

    Students will be expected to complete any work assigned in a timely manner (by the due date). If a student is struggling completing an assignment or assessment, please encourage your child to reach out to me via Google Classroom or email (they can email me directly at https://cblachowski@antioch34.com.)


    Concerts for the Year:

    At this time, we cannot have live concerts. This is an unfortunate situation, as many students love to perform. The District will be watching closely to see what alternatives we have. Currently, meeting in groups is limited to 50. At any given choir concert, attendance is approximately 750-900 people (students and audience). Here are some things I am planning to help keep the performance portion of the class alive:

    Broadway Showcase-a concert that gives students a solo or small group opportunity to perform songs from Broadway. This concert will be a virtual concert this year. Students will have a chance to sign up for this great opportunity within the first 2 weeks of school.

    Virtual Choir--this is a difficult and tedious process that you may have seen on YouTube. While it is not impossible for Middle School Students to do, the technical accuracy needed can be a challenge. We will be starting this process slowly and will continue to reach a goal of completing songs. 


  •  Hello students and welcome to the 2020-2021 Choir Class!!

    I am so excited to start singing again with you. Although I was hoping for a live class this year, we will do our best for learning virtually. 

    Here are your expectations:

    1. Join Google Classroom. If you were a choir member last year at AUGS, I have posted the new code in the old Google Classroom. I have also emailed the code to parents in an email sent out on Sunday August 16th. If your parent did not receive the code, they can request the code here: Class Code Request Form

    2. Join me during class time on Zoom Sessions. Your Zoom Session code will be available in the Google Classroom. This code will not change from day to day--it will be the same until I tell you differently. 

    3. Attend class every day. Be ready to participate. Please no food, candy, or gum during our time, as we will be doing some singing.

    4. Attend Success Lessons once a week--this won't start right away and you will get details about it during class time. 

    5. If you are struggling or need extra help or assistance, you can use my zoom office hour to get ahold of me quickly My office hour is 1:15-2:15 Monday through Friday. Don't worry, if you have questions at other times, I will also do my best to help you. 


    What do you need for class?

    Your IPad

    Codes for Classroom (once you join, you are in for the year)

    Headphones or Earbuds


    All sheet music for the year will be passed out digitally. If you prefer paper copies you can either print them off on a printer at home, or send me an email, and I can print it off for you and put it with the monthly material drop.


    Concerts for the year:

    This is a tough question right now. Currently we are not allowed to have live concerts. However, we will have a Virtual Broadway Showcase (details coming during class). We will also do some virtual choir songs throughout the year. It takes time and high quality performance, so we will all need to do our very best for this to work. Your time will be in making sure your pitches and rhythms are close to perfect. For me, it takes about 60 hours to combine your performance through technology. 

    If you have any questions or need help with anything, please use Google Classroom to contact me, or you can email me directly (yes, you are getting your very own email for school) at  cblachowski@antioch34.com.

    Can't wait to get started!!