Mrs. Blachowski

Assignments for classes during Remote Learning 2.0 (see student's Google Classroom for details)

  • Week 8--all classes

    Students will compose 3 simple melodies using pitch. Students will compose melodies using the Solfege syllables and submit their Google Slides. There are extensions of this assignment availabe for any student who shows mastery at the assignment level. 

    Assignment due Friday October 6


    Week 7--all classes

    Students will complete an exit-ticket applying the vocabulary words pitch, rhythm, melody, and harmony to a video of a choir presentation. The definitions are covered in class. Students will watch the video in class. Students can choose format of submission--written Google Doc, Written by hand and screen shot of work, voice recording or video. 

    Assignment due Wednesday Sept 30


    Week 6--all classes

    Students will complete a formative assessment (check for understanding) on the individual Warm-ups used in class. This information was introduced in class, and students were given the ungraded assignment to explore other Warm-us through a Bitmoji Classroom. Students will be required to show their knowledge of Warm-ups, where they are currently successful in performing Warm-ups and where they still need improvement, purpose for Warm-ups, and how the Warm-ups fit into the Learning Targets identified in class. 

    Students will be able to use an informational sheet that includes a word bank with music vocabulary, list of Warm-ups both learned in class and from the Bitmoji page, and Learning Targets. 

    Students are allowed to take this assessment either through a written document (Google Form) or through a vocal recording (Vocaroo--link provided in assessment).

    Students were also encouraged to stop by Success Time or Office Hours for any questions regrding the assessment. 

    Assessment due--Friday September 25 at 2:15


    Week 5--all classes

    Students will complete a single Google Slide assignment showing formative understanding of how connection is a crucial element to performance. Students will be expected to provide an example of how they personally connect to music and a title of a song and link to a song that they are strongly connected to. Song must be school appropriate. 

    Assignment due--Friday September 18

    Week 4--all classes

    Students will complete a 3 part assignment based on the vocabulary word Pitch--how high or low you sing or play. Lessons will be completed outside of class time, however, students can seek support during Success time or during office hours. All assignments need to be submitted through Google Classroom. See Google Classroom for more details on this assignment. 

    Mini-Lesson 1: Edpuzzle Assignment based on pitch

    Mini-Lesson 2: Play the game "Staff Wars" on the iPad, screenshot high score

    Mini-Lesson 3: Student Choice--teach a song by rote to someone or sing a karaoke song. 

    Assignment due: Wednesday September 16, 2020


    Week 2-3--all classes

    Students will perform a warm-up or song that shows vocal range for the purpose of voice placement in choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone). Assessment can be completed through recording and submitting to Google Classroom, or live performance during success class or office hours. See Google Classroom for more details on this assignment.

    Assignment due: Friday September 4, 2020


    Week 1--all classes

    Students will create a Google Slide Power Point presentation about themselves. Students will learn how to change designs and layouts, add pictures and links. Students were encouraged to use various resources to help with learning how to complete [Google Slide help option, Internet for how to videos, friends and family, and Teacher office hours (1:15-2:15 MTRF, 1:15-1:45 W)]

    Assignment due: Wednesday August 26, 2020