Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Amy Henning

Getting to Know Me

I live in Antioch with my husband and a cat (Marmie). We have two adult children who have families of their own which makes us grandparents too! We are blessed with four sweet grandchildren ranging in age from three to five years old. 

I am an Antioch Lifer!  My parents moved me to Antioch in 1980, and I attended 4th and 5th grade at W.C. Petty.  I then proceeded through AUGS and ACHS.  I recieved my bachelor's degree at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL.  Then I moved back to Antioch.  I began teaching 4th grade at W.C. Petty, and there were 10 staff members working at the building that I had had somewhere along my educational career.  One was my principal...the same principal when I was in 4th/5th grade was now my boss!  I looped from 4th to 5th grade a number of times. I earned a master's in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University in River Forest, IL.  When the district reorganized, I stayed at W.C. Petty as a 5th grade teacher and the assistant principal (when the principal was out of the building!).  I earned a master's in Gifted Education from Northeastern Illinois University in 2006.  I then became a Gifted Education Teacher in 2006 working at W.C. Petty and Antioch Elementary School. The next year I worked at Oakland and Antioch Elementary.  I did that until Antioch Elementary became the Early Learning Center.  Then I worked at Oakland and Hillcrest.  Now I am at Oakland full time!  We have a Gifted Eduation teacher at each building.  Yay!

Education is definitely a passion of mine! I have wanted to be a teacher since 4th grade when I had the amazing Mrs. Petkus.  She was inspirational, and I strive to follow in her footsteps! I love working on challenging students in a variety of ways.  One was is to teach the students about the 21st Century Skills. They will need these to succeed in their careers during the Information Age. These include: 

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Creativity
  3. Collaboration
  4. Communicate Clearly

When I am not working, I love spending time with my grandkids, watching movies, doing crafts such as creating cards, and I also love to read. Other activities I enjoy include gardening and playing with my cat. 

This year marks my thirtieth year as a certified teacher in Antioch. This year, my role will be to provide pullout services to gifted students and others needing enrichment in reading and math. In addition, I will provide some in-class support to gifted students and their teachers as needed. 

I am very excited about this year! It promises to hold lots of fun and challenging learning experiences for everyone!