The Grading Policy for Choir aligns with the AUGS District 34 Grading Policy. Grades are divided into 3 categories with percentages.


    Practice--20% of final grade

    Formative--40% of final grade

    Summative--40% of final grade


    Below is the breakdown of each category and how assignments and assessments are graded:



    This category includes any assignments or points that are considered “Practice” in nature. 

    Here are some examples of practice assignments:

    • Anything tech related (ex. Learning how to attach documents to classroom, using tech within an assignment)
    • Skills practice (ex. Individual skill practice--pitch, rhythm, breathing, diction, sight-singing, mapping, reading music symbols, giving feedback)
    • Class Participation points (observation of focus in class in singing, class discussion, Pear Deck assignments)



    This category checks the learning of the student along the way. This category will rely heavily on teacher/student feedback with the purpose of improvement (Learning Target 4 for our class).

    Here are some examples of formative assignments:

    • Checking for Understanding assignments (ex. Exit tickets, Reflective writing/videos)
    • Applying the Standards assignments (ex. Putting together a quality performance through video)
    • Skill Growth Checks (ex. recording parts of much to check for technical accuracy and growth in technical accuracy with feedback, reading music symbols, sight-singing)



    This category focuses on the learning of the student at the end of units or learning. It relies heavily on the “bigger picture” of student learning, with an emphasis on being able to apply learning to specific tasks related to choir. 

    Here are some examples of summative assignments:

    • Final recordings of parts for songs (ex. evidence that the student understands how to apply all learning targets for choir to create a quality performance)
    • Reflective writing/videos of individual Learning Targets (ex. Evidence that the student has a deep understanding of each learning target and how they work together)
    • Concerts (if applicable for the 2020-2021 school year)


    For information about daily class expectations, assignments, and missing work, please see the webpage called "Student Expectations"


    For more information about the Identified Learning Targets for Choir, please click here.

    For a more detailed look at the curriculum for AUGS Choir, please click here.