• Class Expectations:

    • Students are expected to attend the zoom session every day during the normal scheduled class time. If a student misses the zoom class time, the student should reach out to the teacher. Zoom classes will run 20-30 minutes daily. 
    • Students are encouraged to keep their video on during this class, as the teacher can collect meaningful data on participation, posture, breathing, and understanding of concepts. Teacher is also able to provide meaningful feedback on several skills. 
    • Students will also be expected to attend a Success Lesson once per week starting the second trimester. This small group session takes place during the student’s scheduled Success time Tuesday through Thursday. Students are expected to check in with their Success teacher first, then join the Choir Zoom for a small group learning lesson. 
    • Students will also have assignments based on the topic or topics we are studying in class. These will range from 5 minute assignments to 30-40 minutes assignments. Students will have one week to complete longer assignments before they are considered “late” or “missing”. 


    Assignment Information:

    • All assignments are announced during Zoom sessions. Students are given reminders of the work that is due and the due date daily. 
    • Assignments are posted in full detail in Google Classroom. Students have access to Google Classroom on any device they can use to sign in (iPad, Computer, Smart Phone).
    • General Assignment information can be found on the teacher website including purpose and due date.
    • Details on the Assignment can be found in the comment section of PowerSchool. Here you will find assignment expectations as well as purpose of the assignment. Assignments will be assigned a category (Practice, Formative, Summative). See the Grading section on the teacher website for explanation and examples. 
    • Assignments will be graded in a timely manner. When the assignment calls for videos, please be advised that watching, evaluating, and giving individual feedback takes time. 

    Missing a Class: 

    If a student misses a scheduled Zoom session, the student should contact the teacher as soon as possible to find out what was missed through email or Google Classroom contact. The student will be responsible for the work missed including any assignments given, checking for understanding, assessments, etc. Students can use office hour times to contact the teacher. 

    Current Office Hours:

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 1:15pm-2:15pm

    Wednesday: 1:15pm-1:45pm


    Missing Work: 

    It is in the best interest of students to keep up with their work at all times. However, there may be an occasion where a student does not complete assignments or assessments. Students are allowed to make up work at any time before the summative projects/assignments/assessments are given. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher about missing work and when the work is completed. If a student does not turn in their work on time, a score of 0 (zero) will be entered into the gradebook and it will be marked “Missing”. However, when the work is completed, the grade will be updated and the “Missing” comment will be removed. Please check PowerSchool for the most up to date grade information.