Homework Philosophy and Expectations


    My Homework Philosophy

    I am not a huge fan of a lot of homework at the elementary level. When homework is given, I believe that it should be of value to a child's success in school. It should provide additional practice when needed and help to reinforce skills and concepts already taught in class. In addition, it should provide an avenue to develop solid study habits that will be necessary as the student progresses through his or her school years.

    Since I will meet with students only two-three times per week, it is possible that I will give them some work to complete before our next class together. 

    I do not want homework to build frustration at home or at school, and I will not give homework simply for the sake of giving homework. Depending on the student's work habits, it is possible that he or she would be able to use some independent work time in his or her homeroom class to complete the work assigned by me. I will have conversations with all students' grade level teachers so they are aware of additional work that may be assigned to gifted students. 

    If your child is feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of schoolwork he or she is expected to complete for both the homeroom teacher and me, I encourage him or her to talk with me about it so we can find a solution to the problem and alleviate some stress. 


    Due Date Expectations

    I expect that all students will complete and return assignments by the due date. If an emergency comes up at home and your child cannot get schoolwork finished by the due date, please let me know and we will decide upon a reasonable extension. Generally, I am flexible with occassional late assignments, but students whose assignments are chronically late may warrant additional conversations or a parent conference. 

    If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, I will expect it to be turned in at our next class time together.