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  • Great books surround us on a daily basis at Hillcrest.  There are so many that it is difficult to choose which ones to include to start the page. Here are a few great books.  I will continue to add titles of wonderful stories that I will share with the class.  Please continue to ask your child about this literature and, hopefully soon, about the books they check out weekly from the library. 


    Each week, your child will be able to check out two books from the library.  In doing so, they may choose their own reading material or a book within the classroom genre.  Talk with your child to learn about the books they are interested in reading.  If your child has any questions about finding a good book to read please ask me and I will help find something that interests everyone!

    Happy Reading!


Fifth Grade Book List

  • Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It

    by JoAnn Deak, Ph.D, Year Published:

    This book highlights the importance of having a growth mindset.

    During the first ten years of your life your brain is growing, just like you. Each part plays a different role and its up to you to help it be as full as possible. When you find something that's "hard," that's a clue to the part of the brain that needs stretching. This nonfiction picture book dissects the brain by form and function.

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  • Love That Dog

    by Sharon Creech Year Published:

    Jack doesn't care much for poetry, writing it or reading it. With the prodding of his teacher, though, he begins to write poems of his own — about a mysterious blue car, about a lovable dog. Slowly, he realizes that his brain isn't "empty" and that he can write poems.

    We are enjoying the book in class this year so I won't give away the ending!  You must read it to find out what Jack has learned by the end of the book.

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  • The Genius Files

    by Dan Gutman Year Published:

    Coke and Pepsi McDonald are a perfectly ordinary twin brother and sister on a cross-country RV trip with their parents. Except for one thing–they are also being chased by a bunch of psychos who are trying to kill them as they stop along the way at The National Yo Yo Museum, The Spam Museum, and various other offbeat tourist attractions. Who is trying to kill the McDonald twins, and why? You’ll have to read The Genius Files to find out. This will be way more exciting than any summer vacation you’ve ever taken.


    There are 5 books in the series.  It's easy to get caught up in the crazy adventures the McDonald twins encounter. 

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  • Al Capone Does My Shirts

    by Gennifer Choldenko Year Published:
    Moose Flannagan moves with his family to Alcatraz so his dad can work as a prison guard and his sister, Natalie, can attend a special school. But Natalie has autism, and when she's denied admittance to the school, the stark setting of Alcatraz begins to unravel the tenuous coping mechanisms Moose's family has used for dealing with her disorder. When Moose meets Piper, the cute daughter of the Warden, he knows right off she's trouble. But she's also strangely irresistible. All Moose wants to do is protect Natalie, live up to his parents' expectations, and stay out of trouble. But on Alcatraz, trouble is never very far away. Set in 1935, when guards actually lived on Alcatraz Island with their families. Choldenko's second novel brings humor to the complexities of family dynamics and illuminates the real struggle of a kid trying to free himself from the "good boy" stance he's taken his whole life

    Note: This book is available in our Library.
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  • Feathers and Fools

    by Mem Fox Year Published:
    Long ago and far away, in a rambling garden beside a clear blue lake, two flocks of birds began to fear each other because of their differences. The fear grew, and soon the birds became enemies, hoarding great quantities of weapons to protect themselves-until panic struck and the chance for peace seemed lost forever
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  • Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

    by John Steptoe Year Published:

    This is the tale of Mufaro's two daughters, two beautiful girls who react in different ways to the king's search for a wife - one is aggressive and selfish, the other kind and dignified. The king takes on disguises to learn the true nature of both girls and of course chooses Nyasha, the kind and generous daughter, to be his queen.

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