• Antioch School District 34
    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Substitute for Antioch
    Community Consolidated School District 34.  We are pleased that
    you're interested in working with us to promote ongoing student
    achievement and success.

    All individuals interested in becoming a substitute must complete an online application located at Applicants are screened against a set of established standards that reflect our high expectations.  Once an application is approved, you will be contacted to schedule a phone or personal interview. 

    here to begin the application process.

    It is required that applicants who are subbing for teachers have a valid teaching/substitute, or verification of application for the Illinois Teaching Certificate to be considered for employment.  It is required that applicants who are subbing for paraprofessionals (Teachers Aides) have a valid paraprofessional approval or teaching/substitute certificate.   

    The following will be required upon assignment as a substitute for the district:

    Ø  State and Federal background check (obtained through the district or ROE)

    Ø  Physical and Tuberculin test (obtained 90 days prior to hire date)

    Ø  Copies of original transcripts

    Thank you again for your interest – we are always looking for the best candidates to provide substitute services to the students of Antioch School District 34! 

    Antioch School District 34
    Human Resources

    Salary Information for Paraprofessional Teachers Aides Substitutes:
    The Teacher's Aide position will be compensated at the $13.01 hourly rate.  

    Salary Information for Certified Substitutes:
    The daily rate for substitutes is $110/Day

    Salary Information for Cross-Catagory Subbing:
    If a certified substitute accepts an aide sub assignment they will be paid the aide daily rate.
    If an aide substitue accepts a certified assignment they will receive the certified daily rate.
    (Must have substitute teacher certification to accept a certified assignment)

    Current Substitutes

    In District 34, substitutes are an important member of our educational team.  We depend heavily on our substitutes to help in our mission to educate our children to become life-long learners by providing a child-centered curriculum that challenges the potential of all learners.

    We appreciate your dedication and willingness to be readily available when needed.  We wish you much success and satisfaction while working with us.  

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