Growth Mindset

  • The most important thing to help us grow and improve is to have a GROWTH MINDSET!

    Instead of...                                                         Try saying this...


    I'm not good at this.                                              What am I missing?

    I'm  awesome at this.                                    I'm on the right track, but I could be better!


    I give up.                                      'll use some of the strategies we learned.


    This is too hard.                                    This may take some time and effort.


    I can't do this any better.                I can always improve, so I'll keep trying.


    I made a mistake.                                     Mistakes help me to learn better.


    I just can't do this at all.                         I'm going to train my brain to do it.


    I will never be as smart.     I'm going to figure out how my classmate does it.


    It's good enough.                                                 Is it really my best work?


    I'll never get this.                                                 I won't stop until I do.


    Plan A didn't work                    Good thing the alphabet has 25 more letters!