Continuous Improvement

  • Keynote Addresses Made To Staff

    *2014-15 Opening Day Presentation
    *2015-16 Opening Day Presentation
    *D34 Strategic Plan presentation to the Board of Education.
    *2016-17 Opening Day Presentation
    *February, 2017 Presentation (SLT Kickoff)
    *2017-18 Opening Day Presentation
    *2018-19 Opening Day Presentation

    Continuous improvement through teamwork, collaboration and shared leadership!

    Welcome to the Antioch School District 34 website!  We are a K-8 school district in Northern Chicago serving the communities of Antioch, Lindenhurst and Lake Villa.  Our 5 schools serve a 3,000 diverse student population. 

    Our history of academic success is directly connected to a dedicated and talented staff, innovative school leadership, a devoted board of education, active and strong parental involvement, and a supportive community.

    In District 34, we value a system of continuous improvement that permeates every aspect of our work in order to become a center of educational excellence.  We are committed to providing a challenging curriculum, skilled instruction, and a learning environment that responds to individual student academic needs.  Our efforts are guided by research and the belief that every student is capable of attaining high levels of educational achievement in preparation for meeting the rigorous demands of the twenty-first century.

    Our work together requires teamwork, collaboration and shared leadership toward common mission, vision, values, and goals.  As stated in our strategic plan, our mission is to inspire a passion for learning that empowers all students to achieve personal excellence.

    Our vision: Students will achieve personal excellence when everyone demonstrates:

     • Commitment to continuous improvement

     • High expectations for academic, social, emotional and behavioral growth

     • Effective collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity

     • Ownership, responsibility and accountability for growth and development

    In District 34, we value student achievement and success, excellence, strong work ethic, collaboration/teamwork, respect for all people and ideas, data-driven decisions, open communication, honesty, integrity, ethical behavior, humor, and celebration.