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  • Antioch CCSD 34 2021-2022 Assessment Calendar (Detail) - Coming Soon!

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NWEA MAP Remote Assessment Resources

  • The district has put together a package that will assist you through our administration of NWEA remote testing.  In this package, you will find:

    • NWEA Remote Testing Proctor Checklist - familiarize yourself with the items in this document.  Assessment communication to families will come from the district level, so you will not need to worry about sending resources from Step 4.  Instead, you will be responsible for communicating the date/time you will be testing through whichever communication method you currently utilize (this is no different than any other year).
    • NWEA Remote Testing Proctor Slide Deck - this resource has slides to use with your class on the day of the assessment, as well as student login steps.  Please customize the slides to fit the needs of your students.  The link will force you to make a copy -- save this to your Google Drive.
    • NWEA Remote Testing Guidance for Parents - copies of the communication sent to families (one for grades K-2 and the other for grades 3+) are in the folder as well.  This is just a reference for you.  
    • NWEA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - this document provides many answers to frequently asked questions from NWEA partners.  If you have a question, please check here first.
    • Proctor Device Readiness Exercise Lesson Plan - this lesson plan can be utilized prior to testing to allow your students a chance to practice and make sure they will be able to login on the day of the assessment.
    • Additional Resources for Remote Testing - this will take you to NWEA’s site, which has the above resources along with many additional resources.
    • NWEA MAP Winter 2021 Tips
    • NWEA MAP Spring 2021 Tips