Athletic Eligibility

    In order to participate in school-sponsored extra-curricular activities, each student must maintain passing grades weekly in all courses.  These guidelines apply to all interscholastic, music programs, and various clubs.


    -         Any student participating in sports or activities who has an “F” in any subject at the weekly check will be ineligible for one week.

    -         The student is not eligible to compete and/or travel but may try-out and/or practice with the team.

    -         Weekly eligibility checks will occur on Thursday.

    -         The AD will create a current list of athletes and notify the coaches of ineligible athletes.

    -         Coaches will be responsible to notify the athletes of their ineligible status.

    -         Students who are ineligible will not be allowed to participate in any competition starting Sunday through the following Saturday.  They will be allowed to participate on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday they are notified.

    -         Students ineligible for the third time during a season will be removed from the team.

    -         Students with special needs may be given individual consideration at the discretion of administration.