• Resources and materials needed for the 2020-2021 School Year

    Students will need:

    IPad (provided by the school district)

    Class codes for both Google Classroom and Zoom

    Headphones or Earbuds (it will keep noise level of zoom down in your home, but is also needed for recording purposes at times)


    Sheet music will be provided through Google Classroom digitally. However, some students may prefer to have paper copies.  It is possible to print these copies off on a home printer. If your child does not have access to a home printer, please email me at cblachowski@antioch34.com.  I will be more than happy to print off the music at school and send it to you through the monthly materials drop. 

    At times, students will need to provide recordings (either video or voice) to me for grading purposes. The students will learn how to do this during class time. It may be helpful to use another device to do this, especially if the student is singing along with a recording. If this is the case, a student can use another computer or a phone with recording capabilities. If your child is struggling with this, please reach out to me at https://cblachowski@antioch34.com, and I can provide further training and brainstorm ideas.