Grading Policy

  • Grading Policy

    30% Performances:
    This portion of the student’s grade is based on attendance. It is expected
    that every student be prepared both technically and mentally for each performance. The
    primary focus of daily rehearsals is to prepare for performances. Therefore, the penalty for an
    unexcused absence from a performance will be significant and appropriate. Failure to attend a
    concert or notify the director will result in a lowered grade. Excused absences from a concert
    are: illness, religious holiday, or death in the family. In the event of an unexcused absence,
    participation in future performances will be at the discretion of the director. Please see the
    attached calendar of important dates and mark your family calendar accordingly. Makeup
    assignments will be assigned at the discretion of the director. Please notify the director of any
    conflicts ASAP.
    20% Lesson attendance and Participation:
    Weekly lessons are part of the choir program and required for each student. Each student is expected to attend 1 small group lesson every week. Lessons will happen on a rotating basis during their scheduled “Success” time.  Students and teachers will be given proper notice of the lesson schedule. Students are to check in with their period teacher and then report to the Choir room. Students are responsible for completing all classwork and any homework missed during their lesson time. Lessons are graded on attendance, participation, and growth in musical concepts during small group learning sessions. . Failure to attend a lesson will result in a zero, late attendance will result in half credit. Students are responsible for rescheduling and making up all missed lessons.
    10% Performance Evaluation/Performance Test:
    Students will complete a singing and performance evaluation once per term on music to be selected by the director. Each musical ensemble will define the grading policy further to meet specific expectations. 
    30% Participation and Growth in Class:
    Students will receive a grade for coming to class on time, prepared, participating fully, showing growth in musical concepts, formative assessments, and classwork.
    10% Written Assignments:
    The grades in this category will be defined further by each musical
    ensemble to meet specific expectations.


    Students may receive banked points to use towards the End of the Year Project by participating in optional concert choices (Broadway Showcase, Solo and Ensemble, etc,), attending concerts other than the mandatory concerts both inside and outside of the school district, being involved in out of school music activities (voice lessons, community musicals, etc.), and other various musical activities (singing at foootball or basketball games). See teacher for questions.