• How your student is graded in Physical Education

    Students are graded on two categories in P.E.: 

    Unit days - Students will be graded on their participation and effort, as well as sportsmanship, and following directions and safety rules.  Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability while being safe and following rules. (10 points/day or 30 points/week)

    Fitness Days - Mondays and Wednesdays are fitness days in which students will be participating in a variety of cardiovascular exercises and fitness stations.  (10 points/day or 20 points/week)

    *Grades are entered weekly and are for the week ending on the date posted in Powerschool.  Grades are for the entire week, not just the posted date.

    This year, students will also be keeping a fitness portfolio that will hold a record of all their fitness test scores, reflections on their performances, attainable goals that they created for future testing, as well as a record of heart rate checks that they will log every Monday and Wednesday before and after activity to see if they reached their Target Heart Rate Zone.  Portfolios will be graded at the end of trimester (50 points).

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