Student and Parent Resources

  • Last Update: December 2018

    Student Academic Support:

    A great resource for families to help support their young students at home
    Language Arts
    Want to support your student's reading while keeping them informed on current events?  This news website has exciting and relevant news articles that can be adjusted to fit specific reading levels.  There can also be comprehension quizzes at the end.  This is an excellent resource!
    Xtra Math is an excellent resource to help students practice their basic math facts, which allows for efficient work in grade-level problem-solving.  Some students already have log-ins if they are in my math resource.  If you need their log-in information, please send me an email.  Khan Academy is another resource that allows students to practice the skills they are working on, or have already covered in class.  Many classes, including my Instructional Math class, use Khan Academy to supplement what is being taught in the class with extra practice on the same skills.  All of my students can log-in using their Google Drive account information. 


    Khan Academy

    Student Social/Emotional and Behavioral Skills Support:
    Family support for social/emotional skills development and behavior support.