Homework- ELA

  •      I will send out assignments in google classroom each day

    Check Power School for missing work that can be completed and submitted.



    Remote Learning 4/27-5/1

    Monday, April 27

    • Roots 29 predictions
    • Day 2 Email Etiquette in Google Classroom


    Remote Learning 4/20-4/24

    Monday, April 20

    • Roots 28 predictions
    • Log into No Red Ink and complete activity and quiz by Friday


    Tuesday, April 21

    • Commonlit short story with questions

    Wednesday, April 22

    • Teacher plan day
      • Catch up on work if needed

    Thursday, April 23

    • Roots 28 review
    • Email Etiquette slide show and notes

    Friday, April 24

    • Catch up on work from the week
    • Exit ticket for the week


    Remote Learning 4/13-4/17

    Monday, April 13

    • Roots 17 predictions
    • Check PowerSchool- work and submit missing work

    Tuesday, April 14

    • Check Google Classroom for No Red Ink link
      • Each class has a log in password and do the activity

    Wednesday, April 15

    • No assignment today
      • Check Power School for missing work

    Thursday, April 16

    • Journal entry- link in Google classroom

    Friday, April 17

    • Independent read for 30 minutes
    • Complete response- link in Google classroom



    Remote Learning 4/6-4/10

    Monday April 6

    • Roots predictions 26
    • Harris Burdick story

    Tuesday, April 7

    • Scope article with questions- due tomorrow
    • turn in Harris Burdick if you have not submitted yet

    Wednesday, April 8

    • Roots 26 review
    • Finish Scope article with questions
    • Harris Burdick story if you have not submitted yet

    Thursday, April 9

    • Independent read 30 minutes
    • Reading response
    • Exit ticket for the week
    • Complete or submit work that may be missing ( I will be updating Power School this weekend)




    Remote Learning 3/30-4/3

    Monday March 30

    • Achieve articles due tomorrow
    • Roots 25 in OTUS
    • Work on essay or One pager
    • Late or missing work

    Tuesday, March 31

    • Acheive articles due today
    • Continue work on essay or One pager- due by Thursday
    • Begin organizing/brainstorm your Harris Burdick Story
    • Late or missing work

    Wednesday, April 1

    • Roots review in OTUS- by Friday
    • Essay and One pager due tomorrow
    • Harris Burdick organizer- submit if you haven't yet
      • work on your story if you feel caught up with essay/one pager

    Thursday, April 2

    • Honors essay and Night one pagers due today
    • Roots 26 review
    • Continue work on Harris Burdick story
      • Submit your organizer if you have not done so yet


    Friday, April 3

    • Independent reading- complete response in OTUS
    • Roots review due today
    • Exit Ticket- found on Classroom slides


       Activities you can work on before Remote learning starts

    • Continue working on Achieve articles- Due March 31
    • Continue independent reading
    • Work on One Pager/ Honors Essay - all due by April 2
    • Late or missing work- take a picture or share on google classroom. Lbecker@antioch34.com


    I have attached Reading Challenge to complete while we are off.  This is completely optional but if you are interested check it out :)


    I have also included instructions on logging into Destiny Discover if you need an independent reading book.  I added a couple more ebook sites on the eLearing link for you to get books.

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