Grading Policy

  • GRADING: letter grades follow the handbook


    1. Practice:Homework-25%

           Homework will be given on average of four days a week.  Each assignment will be graded on effort and accuracy—all work must be shown for every problem.  All work in           math class is done in pencil with the exception of correcting homework which shall be done in ink.  For absences, it is your responsibility to get the missing work.  Any late         work must be handed in before the formal assessment over the current unit of study.

    1. Summative/Formative Assessments:Tests/Quizzes/Projects-50%

           Tests will be given at the middle/end of each unit.  Quizzes/Exit Slips will be given more often over questions from their homework and notes (problems, definitions,                   equations, and theorems). Quiz/Exit Slip corrections may be allowed for students earning less than a C.  The improved grade can only be up to a maximum of 75%.  Over         the course of the year, we will be working with hands-on activities, technology, real-life activities, and manipulatives (all considered to be projects) to enhance the                     understanding of certain concepts.

    1. Performance:Classroom Work/Participation-25%

           To show understanding and effort, in-class assignments, weekly warm-ups, and observational assessments will be graded to encompass the student’s mastery of the topics.

    Grades are updated weekly over the weekend.  Any assignment with the notation of missing means that it was never turned in and can be turned in late for partial credit up until the test for that material.