Reading and Math Resource Resources

  • Welcome to the Reading and Math Resource Page. On this page you will find Resources to use to help improve your reading and math. These resources are the same resources and websites that we use during Resource to help us improve as learners.

    MobyMax - This link will take you to MobyMax. This is where you can work on your reading, writing, and math skills. There is also vocabulary and language skills you can improve on. It is recommended you pick a task and work on it for 30 minutes each day. Try to pick something different so you are always improving. Our school code is il1934.
    Achieve3000 - This link will take you to Achieve3000. Here you can engage in differentiated nonfictional reading and writing instruction on a variety of topics. These topics align to the ELA instruction and provide more information related to what you are learning in class. You can also search for articles that interest you. The more you read, and the more articles you answer questions at 75% or higher on the first try, the higher your Lexile will be.