• Seesaw is an APP we're using to share what your child is learning at school.

    Seesaw gives your child a safe space to document their learning and learn how to use technology. Each child gets their own journal and will add work to share what they're doing at school. When your child adds items, you'll be notified. Your child's journal is safe and secure.

    Sign Up Instructions

    iOS, Android & Computers with Chrome or Firefox

    1. Download “Seesaw Parent Access” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store -OR- Go to using Firefox or Chrome and choose "I'm a Parent".

    2. Choose "Create Parent Account" and scan the attached QR Code with Seesaw’s built in QR Code Scanner.

    3. Finish creating your account to view your child's journal.

    Other Smartphones & Computers

    1. Go to in any web browser.

    2. Choose your child from the class list and create an account.

    3. After you’ve been approved by your child’s teacher, you’ll get access to their journal.

    **If you have more than one child using Seesaw, or want to add a new class/school year for your child, sign in to your account, click on your profile icon, click on +ADD JOURNAL and then scan this code.