Home Activities

  • First Grade Home Activities

    Throughout the school year, your child will be given activities to be completed at home. Most of the activities should take no more than 10 minutes. If frustration occurs during any of the activities, please attach a note and return the activity to school. Here are some examples of the activities you will see:


    Reading Book Bags

    Each day, your child will take home a book bag with books at or around his/her reading level (starting in October). It is expected that your child read these books to his/herself or someone else, practicing the reading strategies we discuss in class. While this is an expectation, there is also an incentive to read daily.


    Reading Incentive Programs

    Optional programs during the year will be available to promote reading. The Pizza Hut Reading Club is offered from October to March. A coupon to Pizza Hut will be rewarded for a certain number of minutes read each month. The school also participates in the Six Flags Six Hour Reading Club. A free ticket to Six Flags Great America is given to any student who reads for at least six hours and completes and returns the record sheet.  


    Reading, Math, and Unfinished Work

    Sometimes your child may have work sent home that was not finished during the school day. It may be that your child needs additional practice with a particular skill or the work may not have been completed during the time provided. Your child is expected to complete the work and return it to school. The directions are generally at the top of the page.


    Math Homework

    At-home math activities are sent home to provide your child the opportunity to make connections between math at school and math in his/her everyday lives. All homework is expected to be returned by the date indicated.


    Word Wall

    The classroom newsletter that is posted on our website each week will show the important words your child needs to study for the upcoming week, also called High Frequency Words. By the end of each trimester, students will be expected to read the Word Wall words that we studied throughout that trimester. It is expected that your child utilize the Word Wall when trying to spell words in their writing.