Classroom Procedures

  • Welcome to Dr. Walshire’s First Grade Class


    Thank you for coming to visit your child’s classroom this evening.  Please use this as a reference throughout the year. 


    Classroom Rules and School-wide Behavior:  The tenets of PBIS are for children to act safely, be respectful, and demonstrate responsibility. In the classroom, the children are expected to:

                1.  Listen carefully

                2.  Follow directions

                3.  Work quietly

                4.  Respect others, their property, and our school

                5.  Work and play safely

                6.  Use inside voices

    Students can earn "Gotchas" for behavior that follows our classroom and school rules. Earning a certain number of "Gotchas" by the end of a week enables children to earn prizes. At the end of each month, each Village in the school celebrates their PBIS achievements. Student names will be drawn from a box and the winners will have an opportunity to earn an additional prize. The whole school participates in this program. Throughout the year, students attend assemblies to help reinforce what it looks and sounds like to be safe, respectful, and responsible.


    Behavior Check-in:

    A note will be sent home or a phone call will be given when student behavior needs to be addressed. This "ticket" will need to be signed and returned the next day. If student behavior is not improved, an individualized behavior plan will be put in place.


    Take Home Folders:  Your child is to take any papers, notes, and other work home in their “Take Home Folders”.  It is also their responsibility to bring these folders back to school the next day.  There may be some nights your child will not have any papers, but we want your child to keep in the routine of bringing home their folder and returning it every day. 


    Homework:  Work that is not finished in class each day will be sent home for homework.  The children are expected to finish the homework at home and return it the next school day unless otherwise noted.  Please make sure all homework is completed and returned.  This is an important part of teaching responsibility to your child. We will have regular math homework and take home reading book bags for your child to complete.


    Newsletters: Each Friday you can look on the classroom website at /webpages/rwalshire/ to find our weekly newsletter. It will inform you of the activities we are doing in school. Please look for this newsletter and share it with your child.  This is a good way to discuss the events of the week with your entire family.


    P.E.:  P.E. will be every day.  Your child will need a pair of gym shoes that will be kept at the school. Marking the tags with your child's initials is an excellent idea. Please also consider leaving an extra pair of socks in your child's backpack.


    Music:  General music class will be once a week for 30 minutes with Miss Emsun. Strings will take place once per week for 30 minutes with Mr. Dudley. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in small group strings lessons for a nominal fee. For more information, contact Mr. Dudley at 838.8286. There will be an opportunity for these students who participate in Strings lessons to also join the afterschool orchestra. We will have a whole Village music concert and a Strings concert for those who participate in the afterschool orchestra program.


    Computers:  The children will work on classroom desktops and laptops each day. They will be working on educational games and class projects. We will also use our classroom laptops for research, educational games, and individualized learning within the classroom. 


    Library:  The children will visit the library once a week to check out books.  It is your child’s responsibility to return their library books to school on or before our scheduled library time.  If their book is not returned it will be late and your child will be unable to check out another book until the current one is returned. *Please note, during school-wide testing periods and school Book Fairs, the library may be closed.


    Art: The children will attend art class every week for thirty minutes. 


    Project Lead the Way: Mrs. Brussaly will teach a program that provides a comprehensive approach to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Through activity, project, and problem-based curriculum, PLTW gives students a chance to apply what they know, identify problems, find unique solutions, and lead their own learning. More information is available at  


    Snack:  At a designated time each day, your child may have a snack that is brought from home.  Snacks are to be ONE serving of a fresh fruit or vegetable. If a snack needs a utensil, please send one from home. Water is acceptable. Please do not send juice.


    Lunch/Milk Money: Please send lunch money in your child’s take home folder any morning so that your account may be credited. When your account runs low, a note will be sent home stating the balance of the account.  Make sure the envelope is labeled with your child’s name and teacher’s name. Please contact the Mealtime Coordinator at 838-8275 with any questions you may have regarding lunch money or account balances.


    Birthdays: When your child’s birthday is approaching, I will send home a poster for your child to decorate however he/she wants, with instructions about when to return it. He/she may also choose one of the following options for his/her celebration day:

    1. Your child may share samples from a hobby, a special toy or keepsake, a special talent, or a pet (which a parent should arrange with the teacher beforehand).
    2. Your child may share a non-edible birthday treat with his/her classmates. This might include pencils, erasers, stickers, rings, puzzles, books, crayons, bubbles, balls, etc. There are currently 24 children in our class.
    3. Your child may purchase a gift for the classroom and can open it with the class. Some ideas might include a book, a board game, a puzzle, sidewalk chalk, etc.
    4. Your child can share his/her favorite book with the class.


    Book Clubs:  Scholastic Book Club order forms are sent out once a month. The clubs complement your child’s reading progress in school and support the growth of our classroom library by providing bonus points to order new books. All book clubs are affiliated and only one check is necessary if ordering from multiple book orders. Your check should be made out to Scholastic Book Clubs. You may also order online.


    Buses/Pick-ups:  If your child will be going home in a different manner, you must send a note to school, including the date, your child’s first and last name, and the teacher’s name. Your child will not be sent home any differently unless the office has been notified.  You must contact the office at 838.8001 if there are any last minute changes.


    Absences: If you know that your child is going to be absent due to illness or vacation prior to the start of the school day, please call the office at 838.8001 and leave a message.


    Classroom Website: /webpages/rwalshire/


    Classroom Phone: 847.838.8047


    Teacher Email:


    Welcome to first grade! I look forward to a wonderful school year with you and your child.