Penny Nickel Exchange

  • Penny-Nickel Exchange

    Skill: Practice exchanging 5 pennies for a nickel

    Materials Needed:

    1 die

    20 pennies

    10 nickels



    Object of the game:

    To collect more nickels than the other players


    1. Partners put 20 pennies and 10 nickels in a pile. This is the bank.

    2. Players take turns rolling a die and collecting the number of pennies shown on the die from the bank.

    3. Whenever players have at least 5 pennies, they say, “Exchange!” and trade 5 pennies for a nickel from the bank.

    4. The game ends when there are no more nickels in the bank. The player who has more nickels wins. If players have the same number of nickels, the player with more pennies wins.

    *Variation: Have children play with a larger bank and two dice.