Bunny Hop

  • Bunny Hop

    Skills: Practice counting up and back on a number line


    1 Die

    Number Line for each player

    Bunny Marker for each player



    Object of the game:

    To be the first player to reach 0


    1. Each player needs a number line and a bunny marker. Players take turns rolling the die and moving the bunny the number of spaces shown on the die.

    2. Both players hop to the carrot, 20, by rolling the exact number. Then they hop back to the bunny’s hole, 0, by rolling the exact number.

    3. The first player to get to the carrot and back to the bunny hole wins.

    *Encourage your child to talk about the movements, making statements such as, “The bunny hopped 4 spaces from 6 to 10.”