Penny Grab

  • Penny Grab

    Skill: Practice finding the total value of coins

    Materials Needed:

    40 pennies

    Penny Grab Record Sheet



    Object of the Game:

    Determine which player has the greater number of cents


    1. Place a pile of pennies on a flat surface between the two players.

    2. Each player grabs a handful of pennies and counts them.

    3. Record your total.

    4. Record your partner’s total.

    5. Circle the greater number of cents in each round.

    *Variation: This game can be played with as few as 20 pennies. To determine who has more pennies, partners can line up their pennies in two rows, one below the other, or partners can put their pennies back into a common pile, one at a time. Whoever runs out of pennies first has the fewer number of pennies.