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  • Here are some of my favorite books we will read this year.

Beginning of the Year

  • ABC I Like Me

    ABC I Like Me

    by Nancy Carlson Year Published:
    This story demonstrates how we are all unique individuals.
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  • Agent A - Agent Z

    by Andy Rash Year Published:
    These secret agents from A to Z are on a mission to find the spy who is out of line. Will the agents make it in time?
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  • Alphabet City

    Alphabet City

    by Stephen Johnson Year Published:
    A wordless ABC book that demands a close inspection of the world too!
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  • Alphabet Mystery

    Alphabet Mystery

    by Audrey Wood and Bruce Wood Year Published:
    A story that encourages your child to find Little x, who was absent from the bedtime roll call.
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  • Alphabet Rescue

    by Audrey Wood Year Published:
    The little letters try to act like the grownup letters only to be told they cannot possibly do the work of the capital letters. However, the uppercase letters are in for quite a surprise when their truck can't reach the fire in time.
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  • Alphabet Under Construction

    by Denise Fleming Year Published:
    These mice are busy this month as their schedule is full of things to do from A to Z.
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  • Baby Bear Sees Blue

    by Ashley Wolff Year Published:
    Baby bear discovers the colorful world that is his home with Mama bear to teach him.
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  • Brand-New Pencils, Brand-new Books

    by Diane deGroat Year Published:
    It is the first day of school. Gilbert is not sure what to expect. Read to find out how he and his friends did on their first day.
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  • Cat's Colors

    by Jane Cabrera Year Published:
    This kitten searches for her favorite color only to find her favorite is the one of someone special to her.
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  • Chicka Chicka 123

    by Bill Martin Jr. Year Published:
    Look out as the numbers climb the apple tree and soon have the bumblebees to worry about.
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  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

    Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

    by Bill Martin Jr. Year Published:
    A fun adventure of the alphabet letters.
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  • City by Numbers

    by Stephen Johnson Year Published:
    This artistic look through New York City identifies numbers in a way unlike any other. See if you can spy the numbers within the photographs of the city.
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  • Daisy the Firecow

    by No Author Text Year Published:
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  • Dear Mrs. LaRue

    Dear Mrs. LaRue

    by Mark Teague Year Published:
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  • Dr. Seuss's ABC

    Dr. Seuss's ABC

    by Dr. Seuss Year Published:
    Beginning reader to help your child learn the alphabet.
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  • First Day Jitters

    First Day Jitters

    by Julie Danneberg Year Published:
    This story is about someone who is apprehensive about the first day of school. You will be surprised who this someone turns out to be!
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  • Gingerbread Man Loose in the School

    by Laura Murray and Mike Lowery Year Published:
    This familiar tale takes a twist as now the gingerbread man is loose in the school and explores all the wonderful places in and out of the schoolhouse. The real question becomes, was he really missing or were the students the ones missing?
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  • How Big is a Foot?

    How Big is a Foot?

    by Rolf Myller Year Published:
    The king wants to make a bed perfect for his queen. He asks his apprentice to make him one, but as you will see in this silly tale, one must be careful when measuring.
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  • How Rocket Learned to Read

    How Rocket Learned to Read

    by Tad Hills Year Published:
    Rocket is in the right place at the right time. He comes across a sign and his teacher, the little yellow bird, teaches him the alphabet, sounding out words, and eventually how to read. Yay for Rocket!
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  • If You Take a Mouse to School

    by Laura Numeroff Year Published:
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  • Mrs. McTats and her Houseful of Cats

    by Alyssa Satin Capucilli Year Published:
    Mrs. McTats has a love for cats. At first, she only has one cat, but them they start coming to her door and she can't possibly turn them away. The best surprise is what she names them all!
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  • Pete the Cat

    Pete the Cat

    by James Dean Year Published:
    Read about Pete and his friends in all his "cool" adventures where he always has an "awesome" message to learn. -Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses -Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes -Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes -Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach -Pete the Cat and His four Groovy Buttons -Pete the Cat and the New Guy -Pete the Cat Saves Christmas -Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure -Pete the Cat: Too Cool for School -Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch -Pete the Cat: A Pet for Pete -Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus -Pete the Cat: Play Ball -Pete the Cat: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star -Pete the Cat: Old MacDonald Had a Farm -Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving -Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day is Cool
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  • Superhero ABC

    by Bob McLeod Year Published:
    These superheroes have extraordinary super hero skills. Which one would you most like to be like?
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  • The Kissing Hand

    The Kissing Hand

    by Audrey Penn Year Published:
    A sweet story about a raccoon who is getting ready for his first day of school.
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  • The Mixed-Up Alphabet

    by Steve Metzger Year Published:
    Z is tired of always being last and comes up with a new plan, except it doesn't go exactly as he had planned. What happened? Read to find out...
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Character Education

  • A Color of His Own

    A Color of His Own

    by Leo Lionni Year Published:
    This story is about a chameleon who looks and looks for a color all his own. After a long journey, he realizes he will always change but finds a friend who will always be the same.
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  • Chrysanthemum


    by Kevin Henkes Year Published:
    This book is about a girl who learns to love herself.
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  • Dandelion


    by Don Freeman Year Published:
    Lion gets invited to a party and decides to dress up in a special way, unfortunately, he is turned away from the party. Find out how Lion joins the party in this tale about being who we are.
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  • Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

    Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

    by Carol McCloud Year Published:
    This story teaches children about the goodness that makes other people and themselves feel full inside. How have you filled your bucket today?
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  • King of the Playground

    King of the Playground

    by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Year Published:
    Kevin loves to go to the playground, but not when Sammy, the king of the playground, is there. Kevin's dad helps him understand that Sammy cannot do all the things he says he will do. Read to find out if the two boys become friends in the end.
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  • Leo the Late Bloomer

    Leo the Late Bloomer

    by Robert Kraus Year Published:
    Leo has trouble reading, writing, and drawing. His mother knows he will be able to do all of these things when he is ready.
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  • Pocket Full of Kisses

    Pocket Full of Kisses

    by Audrey Penn Year Published:
    This book has the same characters as in The Kissing Hand. In this story, Chester learns how to accept his younger brother and handle feelings of jealousy.
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  • Rainbow Fish

    by Marcus Pfister Year Published:
    This book is about a fish who learns how to make friends and share with others.
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  • Recess Queen

    Recess Queen

    by Alexis O'Neill Year Published:
    Mean Jean is the biggest bully on the school playground until a new girl arrives and challenges Jean. Who is the Recess Queen now?
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  • Stellaluna


    by Janell Cannon Year Published:
    Stellaluna is a baby bat who got separated from her mom and is now being raised by a new mom, a bird. Discover the true meaning of family.
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  • Swimmy


    by Leo Lionni Year Published:
    See how Swimmy helps the other fish overcome their fear of the ocean through cooperation and teamwork.
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  • The Little Engine that Could

    by Watty Piper Year Published:
    The train holding all the toys for the children stopped running. They ask passing trains that were large and glorious to help, but they are all too busy or tired. Will the toys ever make it to the kids? This is a wonderful story about perseverance and positive thinking.
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  • The Way I Feel

    by Janan Cain Year Published:
    We experience an array of feelings each day. Good or bad, they are all a part of me. What feelings can you connect with?
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Making Meaning

  • Is Your Mama a Llama

    Is Your Mama a Llama

    by Deborah Guarino Year Published:
    A young llama discovers his friends' mamas are other kinds of animals.
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  • It's Mine!

    It's Mine!

    by Leo Lionni Year Published:
    A group of frogs learn that it is better to share.
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  • Quick as a Cricket

    Quick as a Cricket

    by Audrey Wood Year Published:
    A young boy describes himself using characteristics of various animals. The students in the class then told how they were similar to an animal.
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  • When I Was Little

    When I Was Little

    by Jamie Lee Curtis Year Published:
    A four-year-old describes how she has changed since she was a baby. Students can come up with ways in which they have changed since they were little.
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Making Connections

  • Best Friends Sleep Over

    Best Friends Sleep Over

    by Jacqueline Rogers Year Published:
    A gorilla is helped by friends when he has his first night away from home.
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  • Ira's Sleepover

    Ira's Sleepover

    by Bernard Waber Year Published:
    To take his teddy bear, or not to take his teddy bear? That is the question facing Ira before his first-ever sleepover.
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  • Matthew and Tilly

    Matthew and Tilly

    by Rebecca Jones Year Published:
    Two friends enjoy each other's company until one day when they have a disagreement.
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  • McDuff and the Baby

    McDuff and the Baby

    by Rosemary Wells Year Published:
    McDuff's life changes after a baby arrives and the family is too busy to pay attention to him.
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  • The Relatives Came

    The Relatives Came

    by Cynthia Rylant Year Published:
    The book displays an old-fashioned family reuinion where relatives come from far across the mountains. The family stuffs themselves into the car and home to enjoy this special time together.
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  • Courage


    by Bernard Waber Year Published:
    A boy shows courage in a variety of ways.
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  • Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of John J. Harvey

    Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of John J. Harvey

    by Maira Kalman Year Published:
    Fireboat is the real-life story of the John J. Harvey, which was first launched in 1931. After many years of service fighting fires along the Hudson River, the boat was finally retired. In 1995, several New Yorkers bought and restored the old fireboat. This inspiring book tells how, and why, the Harvey was called into service again on September 11, 2001.
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  • Firefighters A-Z

    Firefighters A-Z

    by Chris Demarest Year Published:
    This book shows off firefighters from A to Z.
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Big Books

  • A Tree for All Seasons

    by Robin Bernard Year Published:
    This book explores the cycle a maple tree goes through during the year.
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  • Charles Tiger

    Charles Tiger

    by Siobhan Dodds Year Published:
    Charles Tiger wakes up one morning without his roar. He goes to many places in search of it. Along the way he meets several neighbor animals, but none of them seem to have the roar he is looking for. Finally, he finds his roar in an unexpected place.
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  • Hilda Hen's Scary Night

    Hilda Hen's Scary Night

    by Mary Wormell Year Published:
    Night has fallen and Hilda is late getting back to the henhouse. On her way she sees strange, mysterious shapes-a snake, a monster-lurking in the shadows. What are these creatures? Where do they go during the day? Children will soon identify the troublesome shapes as everyday objects found in the farmyard-things that can look a lot spookier at night.
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  • I Am Six

    I Am Six

    by Ann Morris Year Published:
    Children relate to other children who are six.
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  • Jasper's Beanstalk

    Jasper's Beanstalk

    by Nick Butterworth Year Published:
    One day, Jasper the cat finds a bean. He takes especially good care of it all week by planting, watering and hoeing it. Unfortunately, after all his efforts, it just won't grow. In frustration, he digs it up and throws it away, claiming "that bean will never make a beanstalk." After a while, something does happen, and you will be surprised at the ending.
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  • Minerva Louise at School

    Minerva Louise at School

    by Janet Morgan Stoeke Year Published:
    Minerva Louise is a curious hen who makes her way across the tall grass and into a school. She mistakes many of the things on her adventure. Check out the other books about Minerva Louise. Very funny!
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  • Pearl's First Prize Plant

    Pearl's First Prize Plant

    by A. Delaney Year Published:
    PreSchool-Grade 2. Adorable, bespectacled Pearl plants a seed in the spring, which grows throughout the months in time for the county fair. With her pet pig in tow, she arrives at the big event, feeling sure that her plant could win first prize. However, when she sees a rainbow assortment of blooms, she loses faith in her entry with its tiny white flower; but then Pearl looks with new eyes at her special plant and takes it away from all the hothouse beauties. She carries it home, plants it by a shady green tree, and gives it her very own first-prize ribbon.
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  • Ten Dogs in the Window

    by Claire Masurel Year Published:
    This engaging book shows dogs who get chosen by an owner that is just like them. Soon no dogs are left in the window, but this time the store owner sells cats.
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  • The Secret Code

    by Dana Meachen Rau Year Published:
    Oscar, a blind boy, explains to his classmates that his books are not written in secret code, but in Braille. The Braille alphabet is illustrated so that sighted children can learn to recognize the letters and decipher a note that Oscar sends to a friend. An author's note suggests that children may wish to request a Braille book from the library.
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  • What Will the Weather be Like Today?

    What Will the Weather be Like Today?

    by Paul Rogers Year Published:
    This rhyming text takes readers through a variety of habitats using animals to interact with each climate. Through this text, students are introduced to weather concepts we will discuss in our weather unit.
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Listening Center

Fall and Halloween

  • A Very Brave Witch

    by Alison McGhee Year Published:
    Find out what happens when a little witch meets a human for the first time. Even though she has been taught to be afraid of them, will she be brave?
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  • Acorns Everywhere

    by Kevin Sherry Year Published:
    Will squirrel ever get all his acorns buried by the time winter comes?
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  • CinderHazel, the Cinderella of Halloween

    CinderHazel, the Cinderella of Halloween

    by Deborah Nourse Lattimore Year Published:
    Unlike the Cinderella you have heard about, this one prefers to be dirty. What will happen when she goes to the Witches' Halloween Ball?
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  • Goodnight Goon

    Goodnight Goon

    by Michael Rex Year Published:
    The bestselling book Goodnight Moon gets spooked up. See what things are lurking in the bedroom now.
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  • How Spider Saved Halloween

    by Robert Kraus Year Published:
    Will spider every find a disguise he is happy with? See to find out how his costume saves the day.
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  • Lucky Leaf

    Lucky Leaf

    by Kevin O'Malley Year Published:
    Mom urges her son to stop playing video games to go outside and play. However, he has no interest in being out there until he is told by his friend that the last leaf to fall is a lucky one. So he waits and waits and waits. With the help of his dog, see what happens. This is an excellent book demonstrating the conversations characters can have.
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  • Room on the Broom

    by Julia Donaldson Year Published:
    Is there room for just one more on the witches broom? See what happens when all her friends join her on an adventure.
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  • Skeleton Meets the Mummy

    by Steve Metzger Year Published:
    Sammy needs to get through the dark woods before he can go trick or treating, but someone is following him. Read to find out who it could be.
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  • The Runaway Pumpkin

    by Kevin Lewis Year Published:
    Oh no! A pumpkin is on the loose! See where it leads in this rhyming book full of sound.
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  • The Wild Leaf Ride

    by Scholastic Year Published:
    Join Miss Frizzle on an adventure about leaves! It's sure to be a wild ride!
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