What is a Gotcha?


    What is a “Gotcha”?

    A “Gotcha” is an individual recognition of a positive behavior that the student displayed. “Gotchas” can be given by any staff member. “Gotchas” are accumulated to earn rewards, which will be given individually and for an entire class.



    How are the “Gotcha’s” used for individual students and for the whole class?


    Our goal for the beginning of the year is for each child to earn 2 “Gotcha’s” by the Friday of each week. If they are able to earn their 2 “Gotcha’s” they will be able to pick a prize from the prize box.  If each student in the class earns 2 “Gotcha’s” then the whole class will participate in a whole class activity like an extra recess outside, fun Friday time, or a fun activity of the teachers choice. Each month students from each village will be recognized for SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE behavior. The student's name may get picked to be part of our school wide recognition in which their picture is displayed on the PBIS bulletin board and their name will appear in the newsletter.