PBIS Expectations




    How did you teach the expectations for being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible?


    We began the school year teaching students the expectations for their behavior in the bathroom, café, hallway, recess, bus lines, and on the bus. The PBIS team developed “Cool Tools,” short lessons which were presented to each class on the desired behaviors in each of these areas. Each classroom teacher developed their own set of classroom expectations following the consistent language of being SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE.






    Bus Lines








    Keep hands and feet to yourself


    Keep hands and feet to self

    Stay in your seat

    Keep hands and feet to self

    Stay in your line



    Water stays in the sink

    Wash hands

    Keep hands and feet to self

    Use equipment properly


    Stay in designated area

    Keep hands and feet to self

    Stay in your seat and raise your hand until an adult helps you.

    Eat your food only


    Keep hands and feet to self

    Stay in your seat


    Be Respectful

    Use quiet voices

    What's on-Stays on

    Listen to bus driver

    Use kind words


    Use quiet voices

    Use quiet voices

    Use toilets, soap, sinks & paper towels correctly

    Give privacy to others


    Use quiet voices

    Take turns

    Use kind words and actions and make good choices


    Take care of nature


    Listen to adults

    Use quiet voices

    Use utensils and trays appropriately

    Listen to adults

    Be quiet while others are talking

    Show appreciation


    Be Responsible

    Keep to the right

    Obey stop signs

    Stay in class line


    Keep belongings to yourself

    Put paper towels in garbage

    Be timely

    Play fairly

    Line up quietly when whistle blows

    Listen to adults

    Keep your area clean

    Be on time