Mrs. Wollner's Classroom - Welcome to Kindergarten

  • Welcome to Kindergarten!
    Important dates
    October 24- Grandparents/Special Friends Day 1:30-2:15
    October 31st- Halloween party
    Box Tops 
    Please send any box tops to school with your student!
    Parent Volunteers 
    I love having parent volunteers!  Parent volunteers will start about 8 weeks into the school year, once classroom routines are established! 
    Temperature Outside and in the Classroom
    The temperature in the classroom is not consistent.  Students may get cold or warm throughout the day, so the best bet is to dress in layers.  Students are also allowed to leave a sweatshirt or sweater in the classorom.

    Here are some ideas of what you can do at home with your student:

    -writing first and last name and recognizing the letter names  

    -writing numbers 0-10

    -recognizing numbers 0-20

    -recognizing all letters and practicing the sounds the letters make 

    -starting to read simple high frequency words (me, is, to, the, etc.)

    -counting objects to 20

    -counting out loud to 100


    -clapping syllables in words 

    -recognizing 2D and 3D shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, cube, sphere, cylinder, cone)

    -tying your shoes, buttoning/snapping your jackets/pants, zipping your jackets/pants
    -cutting along objects

    -Read together!  Discuss the story afterwards :)


    Please remember to send a fruit or veggie for snack each day!  I also encourage all students to bring a water bottle to drink throughout the day.

     More information will be posted about library procedures! 


    Contact info

    Please feel free to contact me at any time!


    Phone: 847-838-8027



    Wish List

    • White cardstock
    • Skinny black dry erase markers
    • Glue sticks
    • Play Do
    • Bingo Daubers