• Behavior


    During the first week of school our class will come up with our own Classroom Rules. These will be taught and reviewed daily. A poster with icons will also be posted in the classroom to remind everyone of the rules. Here are last year's Class Rules:

    Our Classroom Rules:

    Be Safe:

    *walking feet

    *keep hands and feet to yourself

    Be Respectful:

    *Be a good listener

    *Be nice to EVERYONE

    *Use quiet voices

    *Raise your hand

    Be Responsible

    *Do your work

    *Follow directions

    *Clean up after yourself

    *Use things properly

    Starting in September each student will be “in the driver’s seat” when it comes to his/her own behavior. I have a stoplight with clips attached that have every child’s name written on them. Every child starts the morning with his/her clip on the green light. As infractions to the rules are made, children’s clips are moved to the next progressive light. Every child will get 2 or more warnings before their clip ever has to be moved. Here’s an explanation of the lights:

    Green – Keep Going – you’re doing great!

    Yellow – Slow Down! – and proceed with caution!

    Red – STOP and think before you act!

    Every child will have a calendar in their take home folder where they will color in whether they were green, yellow, or red each day. Please keep this calendar in your child’s take home folder.


    Yellow: If your child moves his/her clip to yellow he/she will get a “traffic ticket” that must be signed and returned that briefly outlines the rules that were broken.

    Red: If your child moves his/her clip to red he/she will get a “traffic ticket” that must be signed and returned and an “accident report” (action plan) to fill out with you and return. The child may also miss Fun Friday time.

    Green: When I check behavior calendars at the end of the month students can earn a gotcha if they 1) had all green days and/or 2) they remembered to color all the days for the month.