Kindergarten High Frequency Words (HFW)

  • We are beginning to learn our High Frequency Words (HFW). HFW are the most commonly used words in printed text. Because many are phonetically irregular, have limited visual correspondence, or do not have easily understood definitions, students must memorize them to read quickly and fluently.

    On a weekly basis, your child will be introduced to new HFW. We will practice memorizing these words in many ways such as worksheets, kinesthetic movement and printed text. In the classroom, these words will be placed on our word wall and will remain for the whole year. 

    At home:

    • Place the HFW words on your stairs and as your child walks up the stairs have him/her say the word.
    • Tape the words to the wall and have your child "high five" the word and say it.
    • Write the words on an index card or a piece of paper. Place each word on a step.
    • As your child is walking up the stair have them say the word and spell it.
    • Have your child write the words outside using sidewalk chalk.
    • Write the words on a piece of paper but omit 1 letter. Have your child write the missing letter. 
    • Have your child read the newspaper or a magazine with you. As you are reading tell your child here is the word ___ that you just learned.
    • Discover the words as you are reading your child's favorite book to him/her.

    Have Fun!!

    Below are the HFW your child has been introduced to by month. 


    September: I, am, the, like, to, a, have, is, he, my, we, make, for, me, with