Preschool for All Screening Appointments

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    To be eligible for a free District 34 Preschool for All (PFA) screening:

    1. Child must be 3 years old on or before the date of the screening. (A certified birth certificate is required to participate in the screening.)

    2. Child/family must be District 34 residents. (Proof of residency is required to participate in the screening.)

    We will not start the screening process unless the birth certificate and proof of residency is available at the screening appointment. This is a District 34 policy.

    PFA Screening Procedures:

    Screening appointments take place at The Mary Kay McNeill Early Learning Center.  The Early Learning Center is located at 817 N Main Street in downtown Antioch.  You can park in the large parking lot.  Please enter through the main entrance doors, located at the southwest corner of the building.  From the large parking lot, you will walk on the sidewalk between the school and the Antioch Museum to get to the main office doors.   There will be a buzzer at the door for you to push to have the door unlocked.  The district has determined, for student safety, everyone entering the building needs to enter through the office.  All adults will need a picture ID.  Your appointment will last about an hour.  After your appointment, you can sign out with staff in the screening portable and exit right from there to the parking lot.

    The screening will consist of a developmental assessment for the child and questionnaires for the adult.  The assessment we use is the DIAL-4.  We will be looking at the following areas of development: concept/cognitive, motor, speech/language, self-help, social-emotional, vision and hearing.  In addition to the assessment, we complete a family questionnaire from the state.  Full results will be ready approximately 2-3 weeks following the screening.  Families will receive an email with the DIAL-4 results report and determination of whether or not the child is eligible for the state grant based at-risk pre-kindergarten program.  

    Please note that the waiting area on the day of the screening will not be supervised by staff--if you have other young children at the screening appointment, they will need to stay with you.  Please also note that we do not have bathrooms in our screening portable.  The only bathrooms are located in the school building.  You may want to have your child use the bathroom before their appointment. 


    This screening assessment helps determine if there is an area of concern for a child’s development and whether they are eligible for pre-kindergarten classroom placement and/or other District 34 services.


    Signing Up for a PFA Screening Appointment

    If you are interested in a PFA screening appointment, click on the following link.  Once you have submitted your form, you will receive a call from the district to schedule your screening appointment.

    Fill out this form:      D34 PFA About My Child                          

    You are responsible for bringing:

    1.       Child’s certified birth certificate

    2.       3 forms of proof of residency (refer to Proof of Residency - List of items accepted as proofs of residency by Antioch CCSD 34.  Proof of Residency Spanish Version)

    3.       Additional forms may be necessary depending on your family's circumstances:

        a.  Residence Letter from Landlord - Letter to be used as evidence of residency when a signed lease is unavailable.

        b.  Student Living with Resident Letter - Letter of residence to be used when the person seeking to enroll a student is living with a district resident. 

        c.   Certification of Legal Responsibility - Required of adults when they are not the parent or legal guardian of the student they are registering.

        d.   Non-Parent Custody Letter - This form establishes a child's residency in the district when the child is not living with a natural or adoptive parent.   

    If you and your child are in a temporary living situation, please contact Heather Potocek.

    Please contact Michele Barkley with any questions regarding the screening process and/or the pre-kindergarten program.