Healthy Heart Course


    Written Assessment


    2nd Grade:  Will understand left side of heart is red (has oxygen) and right side is blue (no/low oxygen).  Heart gets oxygen from lungs and gives oxygen to muscles.

    -          Students will color parts of heart blue and red. 

    -          See how blood goes to and from lungs & muscles through heart.


    3rd Grade:  Will generally understand circulatory system.

    -          Draw heart on outline body, draw circulatory system to arms, legs, head with red and blue lines.

    -          Connect red lines to left side of heart and blue lines to right side of heart.

    -          Choose fill in blank questions for circulatory.


    4th Grade:  Will understand specific terminology of arteries/veins, aorta, oxygen/ carbon dioxide.  Students will have general understand respiratory system.

    -          Complete the fill in blank questions of terminology.

    -          Answer and explain respiratory system.


    5th Grade:  Will understand terminology of atrium/ventricles,valves.  Will

              make connection on affects of exercise, sleep, smoking, nutrition on   

              heart.  Know how cholesterol affects openings in arteries.

    -          Fill in blank questions for atrium/ventricles, valves and cholesterol.

    -          Name 4 healthy habits that help the heart.

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