• Hello,

    I'm Mrs. Phillips, School Psychologist at Hillcrest School for kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades. My primary goals, when working with students, are to promote positive learning and development. 

    As School Psychologists we are trained in data collection, assessments, consultation, coloboration with teachers & staff, and mental health interventions.

    During this time of being away from school and at home, many e-learning activities have been provided to you by your child's teacher. I highly encourage you to keep your children active both physically and mentally during these times. 

    One mindfulness activity that you may like to try:



    There are many other mindfulness videos to watch - find ones that are appropriate for your family. Please follow my Remote-learning page for activities you can do individually and with your family.


    If there is anything I can help you out with, please do not hesitate to email me: ephillips@antioch34.com

    Stay positive through these times,  

    Ellen Phillips

    School Psychologist