Science Homework

  • Please make sure you check this page if you are absent.

    This is Homework and/or a description of what we have done or are doing each day in class.  Files can also be found at the bottom of the page for most handouts. 

    Use this resource if you lose any of your handouts.


     Tuesday August 20th 2019:

     Students recieved their assignment notebook today.  There is no homework.

    Wednesday August 21st 2019:

    Students worked on updating their iPad Lock Screen.  iPads will be able to be taken home after Labor Day

    Thursday August 22nd 2019: 

    We went over safety rules today.  Students have a Safety Contract that needs to be signed and returned.  There will be a safety test on Friday.

    Friday August 23rd 2019:

    Students had a Safety Test today.  They also read an online version of Science World.  The class password is augssci

     Monday August 26th 2019:

    Students worked on an activity that had them practice finding patterns.

    Tuesday August 27th 2019:

    Students worked on Creature Cards today.  Students need to find the creatures in the third row that are examples of each creature.  Write a sentence for each card that describes the characteristic(s) of that creature.  For example for Creature Card 1, the Gligs are creatures 1, 4, 5, and 6. (Students have to write in the numbers from left to right for each card) and a sentence could be "Gligs are an incomplete figure."

    The assignment can be found in the Files at the bottom of this page.

    Wednesday August 28th 2019: 

    We went over the Creature Cards assignment in class.  

    Thursday August 29th 2019:

    Students  worked on  exercises about the importance of clear communication, Observation and Inference, and Careful Observation.  Homework:  Students have a paper with a woman on a shopping trip.  They need to place nine panels in chronological order.  

    Friday August 30th 2019:

    Students worked on Hypothesizing while investigating Mobius Strips.

    Tuesday September 3rd 2019:

    We started a new Unit and Curriculum Today.  Students have an APP on their iPad for Amplify Science.  We started Lesson 1.1 from The Geology of Mars Unit.

    Wednesday September 4th 2019:  

    We continued Unit 1.1.  Homework: Read the article in Activity 5 and answer the questions about the Scale of the Solar System

    Thursday 9/5/2019

    Lesson 1.2.  Students are making observations and taking notes about the surface of Mars and the difference between channels on earth made by water and lava.

    Friday 9/6/2019

    We went outside today to observe a true scale model of the Solar System.  We only made it as far as the Asteroid Belt which was about 284 meters from the model sun.

    Monday 9/9/2019

    Lesson 1.3  Introducing Claim and Evidence and the Scientific Practice of Arguing from Evidence.

    Tuesday 9/10/2019

    Lesson 2.1  Students are reading an article about Scientific Modeling.  There is a homework assignment for this lesson.  Most students had time to complete it in class.

    Wednesday 9/11/2019

    Lesson 2.2 Students are modeling flowing water creating landforms using sand and water today.  They have an assignment on paper and in Amplify for this lesson.  Both are due tomorrow.

    Thursday 9/12/2019

    NWEA testing.  Science classes will not meet.

    Friday 9/13/2019

    Lesson 2.3  Investigating a Flowing Lava model.  Students have a homework assignment with this lesson.

    Monday 9/16/2019

    Students watched episode 12 of "Cosmos" which related to many topics we have been discussing in Science including landforms on Venus, how we can study and compare features of one planet based on features of another planet, scientific argument from evidence, and evaluating evidence.

    Tuesday 9/17/2019

    NWEA testing 

    Wednesday 9/18/2019

    Lesson 3.1 from Amplify.  Students will be evaluating evidence and still working on the question, "What formed the channel on Mars?"

    Thursday 9/19/2019

    Lesson 3.2

    Friday 9/20/2019

    Lesson 3.3

    Monday 9/23/2019

    Lesson 3.4  Writing a Scientific Argument

    Tuesday 9/24/2019

    Lesson 3.5 Assessment

    Wednesday 9/25/2019

    Going over the assessment and taking the Next Unit Pre-test.  

    Thursday 9/26/2019

    Lesson 1.1 of Plate Motion.

    Friday 9/27/2019

    Unit: Plate Motion  Lesson 1.2

    Monday 9/30/2019

    Lesson 1.3

    Tuesday 10/1/2019

    Lesson 1.4  HW Part 6 Self Assessment

    Wednesday 10/2/19

    Lesson 2.1 HW

    Thursday 10/3/2019

    Lesson 2.2 HW

    Friday 10/4/2019

    Video: "Tsunami: The Wave that Shook the World"

    Monday 10/7/2019

    Finish the video.  Then work on Lessons 2.3, 2.4, 2.5.  No HW from 2.5.

    Tuesday 10/8/2019

    Do the HW (Part 4, not Part 5) from lesson 2.5 and do Lesson 2.6 in class.

    Wednesday 10/9/2019

    Lesson 2.7  No HW

    Thursday 10/10/2019

    Lesson 3.1 HW part 4 if not completed in class.

    Friday 10/11/2019

    Lesson 3.2 HW part 5 if not completed in class.


     Due to Technology issues lessons were pushed back last week.  The following is a guide for what students are doing in class the week of 10/15/2019 to 10/18/2019

    Unit: Plate Motion

    Chapter 3 Lessons and Activities Check List

    Use this check list this week to make sure you answer all of the parts of the lessons you are supposed to do.

    As you complete each part of each lesson put a check mark in the box (or the circle).

    Turn in this checklist on Friday to Mr. Florip before you leave class.


    Lesson 3.1  Tuesday

    • Part 1 Warm Up: Answer all three questions and press Hand In.
    • Part 2 SIM: Read the directions on pages 1 and 2 and then go to page 3.
      • Page 1 observe annual plate movements. Nothing to hand in. (NTHI)
      • Page 2 figure out what a rate Nothing to hand in. (NTHI)
      • Page 3 use the Plate Motion Sim with a partner. Read the directions.  Fill out the data table.  Hand In.
    • Part 3 Discussion: Answer the questions with your partner and tablemates.  Nothing to hand in. (NTHI)
    • Part 4 Homework: Choose a Claim and support your answer.  Hand In. 

    Lesson 3.2  Wednesday

    • Part 1 Warm Up: Answer two questions and press Hand IN.
    • Part 2 SKIP
    • Part 3 Active Reading: Read and annotate “A Continental Puzzle” Take Notes, Highlight, Read for Understanding
    • Part 4 Discussion
      • Page 1 Discuss your notes and highlighted sections with a partner. Do not add the # hashtags.
      • Page 2 Read and answer the question. Press Hand In.
    • Part 5 Homework: Launch the Sorting Tool activity. “Earth’s History” Follow the directions and press Hand In.  Also, read the article “Steno and the Shark”.  Annotate as needed, but also answer the 4 questions (Question 3 has two parts).  If you have pressed Hand In for the time line from the Sorting Tool it will automatically show up under the article you need to read.  Be sure to press Hand In or Update to turn in the Homework.


    Lesson 3.3  Thursday

    • Part 1 Warm Up: Click on the link, “Plate Motion Predictions” and follow the directions. Make sure to press Hand In
    • Part 2 Read: Re-read “A Continental Puzzle” if you need to.  Perhaps just review your annotations.  Answer the 3 questions about the reading.  Press Hand In. 
    • Part 3 Hands-on: Get a paper map of the spread out continents.
      • Page 1 Answer the questions on page 1 verbally.  Nothing To Hand In (NTHI)
      • Page 2 Follow the instructions.  Answer the discussion questions.  Keep your model.  NTHI
    • Part 4 Homework: Follow the directions.  Change the map if you need to.  Answer the question about any revisions you made and why.  Press Hand In or Update.

    Lesson 3.4  Friday

    • Part 1 Warm-Up: Follow the directions.  To take a screen shot with the iPad press the Home button and the Power button at the same time.  You will be able to upload it to Amplify after that.  Discuss the questions.  Make sure you press Hand In. 
    • Part 2 Examine Evidence: Read the directions on both pages.
      • Page 1 Read the Evidence Cards and write down notes. You should have at least 3 notes. NTHI
      • Page 2 Read Evidence Card D. Record Notes.  Hand IN.
    • Part 3 Writing: Fill out the Reasoning Tool.  Remember to use the stem “This matters because…” so that you will be able to cut and paste later when you are writing the argument.    Press Hand In.
    • Part 4 Homework:  Write a scientific argument supporting Claim 1 or Claim 2.  Press Hand In.