• What's Happening in our Classroom


    I have been very impressed with everyone's ability to follow along and navigate to the different areas. I know it can't be easy to be clicking all these different links everyday all day long. I like how everyone is being respectful of one another and asking questions when they need help. 

    A big thank you to the parents who are helping thier kiddos during this time. Your support is key is making all of this possible. 


    Homework is sporatic at this time. I try to get in everything that I can during the day. I know that we are staring at a screen most of the day so I don't want to add to that. If there is homework, I will state it in Google Classroom as such. 


    We are starting our research assignment. We went on a virtual field trip to the Australia Zoo and the San Diego Zoo. Students picked an animal and will have to find out some information about that animal. They can We will be doing an example together and then they will time to complete it in class. If anyone is done by next Friday, we will present. Each student will work at their own pace but it should not take longer than 2 weeks. We will give them classtime to work on it the next week or so and then after that, they will have to complete it for homework. I am hoping everyone is done by Friday, October 9th then everyone can present their projects. These are found in Google Classroom under Anderson ELA/Reading. Please let me know if you have any quesitons. 

    I have loved getting to know your kids! They are great :)