• Reading Intervention eLearning Plan:

      Must do:

      -3rd Graders I have now set up a Google Classroom for us. Please join with the code: 5kkyy3z I will use this to post assingments, but if you have any specific questions you can always e-mail me too. 

      -Meet your weekly Lexia Core 5 Target.  Log in to the Lexia Core 5 app or visit the website. This link for Scope and Sequence Core 5 will show you the progress and skills at each of the different levels. Many of the students are working at below their grade level material. 

      -Read to someone at home for at least 10 minutes every day, you can read from the books I sent home with you or the Raz-Kids app or go to www.kidsa-z.com look for my username which is jlindner34, students log-in information will be the same that they use for Lexia, if you need help with your child's log-in please do not hesitate to contact me. 

      -Open the Seesaw Class App. Complete the assigned activities.

      Can do:

      -Read books on the Epic app

      - Freckles, 5th grade class code ED2KNP, 3rd grade class code 6T4X5E 

      -Read books and complete the quizzes on the RAZ Kids app.

      -Use the ABCs, Learn to Read, I'm Reading, More Phonics, or Talking Library pages on the Starfall app or website. (Sign in with email: abendall@antioch34.com, Password: starfall to unlock all of the features!)

      -Record yourself reading and post it to Seesaw.

      -Write about a book you have read and post it to Seesaw.  Be sure to write in complete sentences with capitalization and punctuation!

      -Write me a note about what you have been learning at home!  I will write back to you!


      -Thank you for supporting your children at home!

      -Please help your child log into Seesaw using the Home Learning Code that was sent home.  Please let me know if you need me to send you a Home Learning Code.

      -Show your student how to change classes by clicking on his or her name in the upper left-hand corner.

      -Please read the directions for the activities and check your child's work before your child hits the green check mark!

      -This link contains additional resources for parents for using Seesaw for at Home Learning!

      If you have any questions, please contact me by email jlindner@antioch34.com