Remote Learning 2.0 is underway! Our class has been doing great!

Below is our daily schedule. Please note that groups will not be starting for the first few weeks as we slowly ease our way into our routines! The zoom links for our classzoom and specials classes can be found on your child's google drive as well as in the activities section of each specials teachers Seesaw page.

Miss Pantke's Schedule
  • Parents-here are some helpful tips and videos to help navigate Seesaw!  The kids are familiar with how to do this, but I wanted to share this just in case they have difficulty and you are not sure.  If you use the learning codes I sent home, you should be able to click in the top left corner of the Seesaw screen and switch between classes.


     A Seesaw Tutorial

     How to get started on Seesaw

    How to add posts to Seesaw

    Seesaw Tools

    Some other notes about Seesaw:

       -Only I can see your child's work, it is not shared as a class

       -If an activity isn't able to be finished at the moment, you can save it as a draft.  If it is submitted, your child can still edit it by tapping on the 3 ... in the bottom right corner

       -I am able to send back work to the kids if something needs to be corrected.  I will include a comment below their work so they know what to correct.  They correct it and re-submit it.


    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!