3rd Grade Remote Learning: May 11th- 15th, 2020        

    Wednesday is a Catch Up Day if needed. No classwork assigned!

    Please do not forget to submit attendance each day by Noon!




    CAN DO


    READING/ELA: (Days 1-2, 4-5)

    ●      If your child is struggling to get reading done, please count reading done while they are working. 

    ●      Log in to Lexia for 20 min. daily. I will be checking this week for those that have been logging in!

    ●      This will be available each Monday at 9:00am 

    ●      Please visit Google classroom for this week’s ELA work.




    ●      Epic.com

    ●      Reading A-Z






    Paragraph of the Week


    Monday: Brainstorm Ideas (Slide 1)

    Tuesday: First Draft (Slide 2)

    Wednesday: -------------------------------

    Thursday: Revise & Edit (Slide 3)

    Friday: Final Draft (Slide 4)








    ●      Log into Google Classroom to view slideshow and complete daily tasks within the slideshow by due date.

    ●      This will be available each Monday at 9:00am



    ●      BrainPopJr






    Please check with your Math teacher for your assignments!

     Students in Mrs. Amberg’s math please check out Google Classroom for Weekly Assignments.



    ●      Xtra Math,

    ●      ST Math,

    ●      Prodigy

    ●      Khan Academy


    Please see teacher websites for SPECIALS assignments each day!