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    Congradulations to the Warror Mile 2020 finishers! Thanks for participating! Here is the slideshow!

    Warror Mile 2020



    I will add assignments here by date here and tell you if you need to go to google classroom or Otus or provide you with links, etc..So this is the best place to start each day! Scroll down...


    Nervous System Test Review: I gave students a paper copy on Friday 3/13. This is their first remote learning assignment to do on 3/30.

    I will post this doc in google classroom. I will respond to questions on Monday 3/30 all day, and provide an answer key (also in google classroom) for students to check their answers.

    Good luck and be well!


    Nervous System Quiz: The nervous system quiz will be available in Otus for you to take today. Make sure you turn in your review sheet in google classroom to get credit!

    Good luck and be well!! 


    Stress reducing activities today. Complete all three steps. 

    1. Participate in a light warm up actiivity such as this go noodle video (4 minutes) or make up your own warm up (2-5 minutes)

    2. Participate in yoga for teens (20 minutes)

    3. Write in a journal (paper or on iPad in Goodnotes). This is a "free writing experience" meant to reduce stress by writing about your feelings. Journaling is an easy and effective means of releasing stress.

    Here's a writing prompt if you need help getting started: we were just told that our stay at home order (secure in place) is extended for another month! How does that make you feel??? Perhaps it makes you feel a lot of different ways...I know it does me!! Let yourself go and write whatever you are feeling--good, bad, or go off on a tangent--it doesn't matter! Just release! No one ever has to read it (unless you choose to share it).

    If you wish to share your journal entries to my email I would like to share them annonymously (I won't tell who wrote it) on occaision if given permission by you I will read/record them and share. I think we can all benefit from knowing that we are not alone even though we can't be together!!

    Document your exercise with a photo or video clip and fill in the template. Please see google classroom for an example and student template. You will use one slide for each day that you exercise starting today April 1. Both this log and the writing journal are ongoing assignments. Be well and have fun with this! 


    task 1: Please check Google classroom for a new vocablulary assignmment!

    task 2: Take a walk outside today (maintaining social distance from others) or go for a bike ride, and create a google slide added to your exercise log. It's supposed to be a beautiful day! If that isn't possible, you can do this exercise video instead: 

    10 minute cardio workout


    Send a birthday wish to Julia Ramsland (PLEASE! I need your help here! With this pandemic...this is a poorly planned birthday. Be creative--I know she will love hearing from my students!)

    Please use today to catch up on anything that you haven't done for me yet this week!! (checklist: above or PowerSchool) 


    Try this today!!  kids 25 minute work out and add a slide to your exercise log!


    Weather is supposed to be amazing today! Let's get OUTSIDE today! You may choose an outside workout today:

    Jogging, interval training (walking and jogging), riding your bike, roller skating or roller blading, jumping on the trampoline, yard work or gardening. Just remember to maintain social distance from non-family members.

    Remember to document it on your exercise log. You can keep adding to the one you've started...I will re-post this for "week 2" in google classroom and it will put Friday as the due date! 


    Health assignment in google classroom: Students will be given a reading assignment today. You will listen to Mr. Skoog junior reading the section one of Chapter 18. Complete the corresponding worksheets (two pages) Guided Reading and Concept Mapping. If you choose to exercise today, add it to your exercise log!


    Continue health assignment in google classroom--due Monday! 

    Try this tabata workout today if you are looking for something to do inside...then add a google slide to week 2 and turn it in. Week 1 and 2 will be added together in PowerSchool.

    Tabata for beginners: 


    No School! Have a wonderful weekend!


    Turn in the concept map and reading questions that are due today. If you did the writing portion, you can submit that as well! See google classroom for link below and instructions. 

    Brainpop video (4:32) coronaviruses 

    Then you will take the quiz, report score and answer questions about staying heathy on the google doc, and submit it to me by wednesday 4/15.


     Stress management journaling activity today. There is a short video about who Anne Frank was, and the writing prompt involves a comparison of your own current shelter in place and her situation in Germany during WW2. This will also be posted in google classroom.

    Anne Frank information:


    Remote learning "catch-up day" No new assignments. (Teacher's insititute day). If you exercise, make a slide for your exercise log! Feel free to re-use any previously assigned exercise video or find one of your own! If you find one post the link in your slide!! Have an amazing Wednesday! 


    Every-minute on the minute workout will be posted in google classroom. Make a slide for you exercise log!


    Health Assignment in google classroom. This is your final assignment befeore taking the quiz and completing health class for the year!! Congradulations--we got through it!! 


    If you haven't already done so--take the practice test in Otus! If you already have, you may want to do it one more time--as this is your "test review". Today is a catch-up day for ALL health assignments that have not yet been completed. For exercise, I suggest going outside for a while this afternoon!! Ride your bike or go for a walk or do some interval training (walk/run/walk/run). Document what you choose to do and keep track of your time, distance, and intensity! 


    Test today in Otus. This is your final thing to do for health. Once this is completed, congradulations--you finished health class remotely!! We did it guys!! Way to go!!

    For exercise, I suggest going outside for a while this afternoon!! Ride your bike or go for a walk or do some interval training (walk/run/walk/run). Document what you choose to do and keep track of your time, distance, and intensity! 


    No new assignments--please use today to catch up on any misssing work. Health class is over--welcome back to PE

    Health class is over--welcome back to PE!!

    6th Grade PE Remote Learning Project (4/24-end of year)

    Now that health is over, your exercise/activity log is the primary way you will be communicating your exercise to me. Please see the examples of what the project looks like.

    You will be creating a slideshow Activity Log showcasing your daily physical activity for every day that we are out of school.  Full directions and a slideshow template have been posted to Google Classroom.  This is a DAILY assignment so you should be creating a new slide EVERY SCHOOL DAY.  I will be checking off each week's slides in Powerschool.  Slides are due on Friday each week.  Be sure to check the comments I leave on your slideshow. Or in google classroom. It's how I will be communicating with you about your progress on your Activity Log.

    There will be No School days (4/10, 4/15, 4/22, and 4/29) and weekends are optional so you do not have to create slides for those days. However--I will be going by total number of slides/exercise sessions. The goal for April is 18 so if you miss a day it can be "made up" on a non-school day. 

    I will also still continue to post suggested workouts or exercise assignments. Please don't hisitate to contact me here if you have any questions!

    Here is an example of My Exercise Log