• Hello Classes

    Welcome to my Remote learning which will take place in my google classroom.  Students should have a code and were all signed in on the tablets but just in case here is the information.


    8th grade: Flight and Space code is ix2l6oq for google classroom.  Students should be registered already so this is just in case.

    7th grade: Medical Detectives code is o6ul7fz

    6th grade: Design and Modeling is voffzij


    Please feel free to email me if you have any issues getting in: aguanci@antioch34.com


    I appreciate your time and patience with this formate.  Also, if lessons do not work or I am asking too much or too little for each day please communicate.  I know you all are amazing and I plan my lessons and time based on past experience but none of us have done this remote learning before and there is room for error- Please communicate!


    Some students been sending me questions and want fun things to do. None of these are required with e-learning. More details will be on the google classroom.

    SO STUDENT!!! Overall Cool stuff you can do if you are crazy bored or just one of my cool kids- you have asked I am searching for the BEST. These are engineering based sites. I will find more and you can recommend some also!

    Daily Challenges! for building things with things around the house: a facebook page Just look up Daily Challenges! ( get parent permission first. This is from Katie, a teacher in Illinois, if you do any send me videos of your work- I love this!!)

    ASK Dr Universe: https://askdruniverse.wsu.edu
    For little kids but some of you are watching your siblings and we can not leave them out!

    http://www.egfi-k12.org/index_noflash.php Engineering Go for it
    Has information and challenges under s wide variety of engineering jobs

    Discover Engineering http://www.discovere.org/our-activities
    MAde for teachers ( shhh - I love so many of the building projects- Impress me.)



    6th, 7th, and 8th grade lessons 


    I have been updating both here and on my google classroom.  Please just check the google classroom! They are updated daily all in one spot!


    Thank you