• Hi!  :)

    We are at the end of remote learning!  It's hard to believe that the year ended this way.  I'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to do the fun end-of-the-year 8th grade activities.  

    Please do me a favor - check around your house for any of the books you might have borrowed from my bookshelves.  My books have SCHOENFELDER written on the edges, so if you find any of my books, please just return them to AUGS when you return your iPad and other school things.  

    Hopefully, we'll run into each other over the summer or at a high school event.  Have a fun summer and please read!!!!!  

    Take care and be safe!  :)

    Mrs. Schoenfelder



    Wednesday, May 20:

    Good morning!  Please finish up any work you still need to finish!  Thank you letters and the Google Form about independent reading are most important.  

    Then join in for a final Google Meet of the year!  :(. 


    Class periods 1, 3, 4, 5:  Meet at 12 noon.  Meet code is: schoenfeldermeet

    Class period 8:  Meet at 2 P.M.  Meet code is:  schoenfelderhonors

    This information is also in Google Classroom.  


    Hope to see you there!  


    Tuesday, May 19:

    Good morning!  I haven't seen many Thank you letters.  Please finish those and share them with me!  Make sure you are spelling my name correctly (kschoenfelder@antioch34.com) 

    *You have a Google Form in Google Classroom to fill out about Independent Reading.  Please fill that out today.

    *I have attached Illinois Teen Readers' Lists in Google Classroom and here for ideas about books you might want to read.  Check those out!  :)

    Have a great day!


    Monday, May 18:

    Good morning!   I hope you had a nice weekend!  Here's today's plan:

    *PLEASE FINISH the writing assignment from last week. Write a thank you letter - the directions are in Google Classroom.  Be sure to share your document with me.

    *If you finished writing, then please read your independent-reading book.

    *That's it! So please do the writing assignment. :)

    Have a great day!  


    Friday, May 15:

    Happy Friday!  Today is a finish-up day.  Please finish these things today:

    *Roots Review -Week 31 in Otus.

    *"Through the Tunnel" questions in Google Classroom

    *Thank you letter assignment in Google Classroom - share your Google Doc with me.  

    *If you have finished all of that, please read an independent-reading book!

    Have a great weekend!  


    Thursday, May 14:

    Hi!  We have a few things to make sure are finished by the end of the week.

    *Roots Review for Week 31 is in Otus.  A word list is in the handouts list to the right.  Please finish by Friday.

    *There are questions for the story "Through the Tunnel" in Google Classroom. Please finish by Friday.

    *Please finish your writing assignment (assigned on Monday) by Friday.

    :). Please let me know if you have any questions!  

    Have a great day!


    Wednesday, May 13:

    Good morning!  Today is a teacher-planning day so there are no new assignments.  Please make sure you are getting these things done:

    *Roots Week 31 predictions - due yesterday

    *Read the short story "Through the Tunnel" in Google Classroom - please read by tomorrow

    *Work on the writing assignment - due Friday.

    Have a great day!


    Tuesday, May 12:

    Hi!  Here is the plan for today!

    *I assigned a short story in Google Classroom.  Read the story.  I will have questions for you on Thursday.

    *Don't forget about your LAST roots predictions in Otus.

    *Don't forget about the writing assignment due on Friday - directions in Google Classroom. 

    *Have a great day!  


    Monday, May 11:

    Good morning!  I hope you had a nice weekend! 

    *The LAST week of roots is this week!  You have predictions in Otus.  :)

    *A writing assignment for this week is in Google Classroom.  Please write this on a Google Doc and share with me by Friday. 

    *Have a great day!  :)


    Friday, May 8:

    Hi!  Happy Friday!  Here's what to do today:

    *Finish Roots Review for Week 30 if you didn't finish it already.

    *Read the Scope article in Google Classroom if you are able to access it.  There are questions on a Google Form in Google Classroom.  Please answer those.

    *Read your independent reading book.

    *Have a great day!  :)


    Thursday, May 7:

    Good morning!  Here's the plan for today:

    *I have the word list for Roots Week 30 in the handout list to the right.

    *I am sending a Roots Review for Week 30 in Otus- due Friday

    *There is a Scholastic Scope article with questions in Google classroom (trying again!) - due Friday

    Let me know if you are having a problem.  :)


    Wednesday, May 6:

    It's Teacher-Planning Day :). That means no new assignments today.  Please catch up on anything you might not have finished from before.

    Have a good day!


    Tuesday, May 5:

    Hi!  I hope your morning is going well.  :). Here is the plan for today:

    *There is an article to read in Google Classroom.  It's a Scholastic Scope article and there are questions to answer about the article also in Google Classroom.  

    *Hopefully you finished your roots predictions for Week 30 and the NoRedInk! assignment that was due yesterday. If you didn't, please do those.    

    If you have any questions, please let me know!  


    Monday, May 4:  

    Good Morning!  I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the nice weather! 

    Here is the plan for today - 

    *Be sure to finish the NoRedInk! assignment that is due today.  The information (link and class code) are in Googe Classroom.  

    *I sent Roots predictions for Week 30 in Otus.  Please make a guess for each word.

    *If you have some time after that, please read your independent-reading book.  

    Have a good day!  :)


    Friday, May 1:

    Happy Friday!  Here's the list for today!  

    *Google Meets today!

    Honors 8th hour:  Google Meet at 10:00-10:30 A.M.

    1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th hour - Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Schoenfelder Google Meet at 11:00-11:30 A.M.

    See Google Classroom for the link to the Google Meets


    *Don't forget your Song/Writer's Notebook assignment is due today

    *Your Roots Review Week 29  is due today.

    *Don't forget the NoRedInk! assignment is due by the end of the day on Monday.  :)

    *Please spend some time reading your independent book.  


    Thursday, April 30:

    Hello!  Here's the Thursday plan:

    *The Roots Week 29 word list is attached at the right.  I am sending a Roots Review through Otus.  Please finish that by Friday.

    *Please read your independent book today.  

    *Today is the last day to do April Achieve 3000 activities!

    *Tomorrow is the last day for the online book fair.  The link is below with the Monday, April 20 info.  

    *Have a good day! :)


    Wednesday, April 29:

    Good morning! Today is a teacher-planning day, so you don't have any new assignments today.  Please work on finishing the things you haven't finished yet:

    *Graduation speech tryout videos are due today, if you are interested

    *Roots predictions  Week 29 are due.

    *If you want to do April Achieve for extra credit, that is due tomorrow.

    *The Writer's Notebook/Song assignment is due on Friday.

    *The NoRedInk! assignment is due next Monday.

    *The book fair is still going on until this Friday!

    *You can always read your independent reading book. :). 


    Have a good day!


    Tuesday, April 28:

    Hello!   Happy Tuesday!   Here's the plan for today:


    *In Google Classroom, there is a link to NoRedInk!  with an assignment on sentences.  It should go quickly!  :)

    *Don't forget to finish roots predictions

    *You should also be working on the Writer's Notebook/Song assignment - that is due Friday.

    *This is the last week for April Achieve for extra credit

    *Graduation speech tryouts are due tomorrow if you are interested.  

    *The book fair is going through this Friday if you are interested.  :)


    Monday, April 27:

    Good Morning!  I hope you had a nice weekend!  Here's the plan for today:

    *Roots predictions for Week 29 are in Otus.  Please finish by the end of the day Tuesday.

    *I'm sending an assignment in Google Classroom which will be due on Friday.  I also attached it to the handouts section to the right.  It's the Writer's Notebook/Song assignment.

    *You can always finish up work from before.

    *This is the last week for April Achieve Extra Credit, if you are interested. 

    *The book fair is still going on this week!




    Friday, April 24:

    Happy Friday!  Here's what's happening:

    *Thank you to those of you who popped in on the Google Meet yesterday!  It was so good to see your face and/or hear your voice. We will do another Google Meet next week.  I'll let you know day and time next week. :)

    *There will be a Roots Review for Week 28 in Otus - please do today

    *There will be a little quiz over writing emails in Otus - please do today

    *You can finish up any unfinished work.

    *Please read an independent-reading book 

    *Don't forget about Achieves if you want extra credit

    *Don't forget about the online book fair.  It goes through next week.  It also have some craft kits, in case you are interested in those.

    *Any questions about the graduation speech?


    Thursday, April 23:

    Hi!  The plan for today is a Google Meet!  See the link in your Google Classroom:

    11:00-11:30   Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Schoenfelder

    1:00-1:30 Mrs. Schoenfelder Honors class

    Hope to see you there!  

    Wednesday, April 22:

    Good morning!  Today is a teacher-planning day so you have no assigned work today.  However, if you didn't finish things from earlier, please do those assignments. There is also a new handout to the right about a Student-Council donation event for Antioch's Traveling Closet.  Please check that out.  

    Don't forget about the book fair!  


    Tuesday, April 21:

    Hi!  Thanks for completing the Google Form yesterday if you did that. If you didn't do that yet, please do that today. It's not very long. It helps me to know what you're thinking and I received some very good suggestions.  

    Today, I would like you to watch a email refresher video.  It is more directed to kids in college, but is information that is important for any student:  



    Then look for a comparison assignment in Google Classroom.  You have a text box at the bottom of the left-side email to write your answer.  Please read the directions at the top of the page.  


    Please do roots predictions if you didn't do those yet.  The book fair goes through all of next week.  There are so many books to look through!  :) 


    ONE MORE THING:  Even though we may not have a traditional graduation ceremony, we are trying to keep some of the traditions going.  One of those is having two 8th grade students give a graduation speech to their fellow classmates.  If you are interested in trying out to give a graduation speech, please see the information sheet on the handouts list to the right.  The deadline for submitting your tryout video is next Wednesday, April 29.  If you have any questions after you read the handout, please let me know. 


    Monday, April 20:

    Good Morning! I hope you had a good weekend!  It will be nice when it warms up a bit more.  

    Today is a mix of short things to do:

    *Roots predictions for Week 28 are on Otus

    *Did you finish your email rewrite from Friday?  That's on Google Classroom.  Please finish if you didn't do it yet.  

    *On Google Classroom, I took your Google Form book recommendations from a couple weeks ago and put it into a Slides presentation, so check that out. 

    *I also included the link for the online book fair if you want to look through that.  They will mail books directly to your house! 

    Here's the link to the Book Fair:  https://www.scholastic.com/bf/augs

    That's it for today!  Let me know if you have any questions!  Have a great day!  :)

    Friday, April 17:

    Hi!  Happy Friday!  Here is the assignment for today:

    *In Google Classroom, read the emails on the Email Fails sheet.  

    *Choose one email to rewrite on the email format sheet (also in Google Classroom)

    *Please read a book of your choice over the next three days.  

    *Have a good weekend!  


    Thursday, April 16:  

    Good morning!  I hope you had a good day yesterday!  Here's what is happening for today.  

    *The Roots Week 27 Word List should be on this page to the right.  You will have a Roots Review on Otus to complete today.  Be aware that this review also has questions from past weeks.

    *On Google Classroom, there is a diagram of the parts of an email.  Please review that diagrom. 

    *Read your independent book for a chunk of time today :)

    Good news!  There will be an online book fair next week!  The books will be sent directly to your house.  The book fair doesn't start until next Monday, but here is some information:





     Tuesday, April 14:

    Hi!  Here's what's up for today:  

    *Do your roots predictions on Otus if you didn't do those yesterday.

    *On Google Classroom, I sent a form for taking notes on the E-mail Etiquette Power Point I sent yesterday. Please complete that today.

    *I went through and commented on your Writer's Notebook entries from last week if you want to check that out. 

    *Don't forget to read an independent book for a while at some point during your day. Hopefully you are doing that almost every day. :). 

    Monday, April 13: 

    Good morning!  I hope you had a good 3-day weekend.  :).  This week, you will have Wednesday "off."  You can still do work, but you won't have assignments on that day so teachers can do some planning. Here's what I would like you to do today:

    *Roots predictions - Week 27 - in Otus

    *Read through the Email Etiquette (rules for good manners) power point that is in Google Classroom.  

    *If you are interested in extra credit to raise your grade, you can do Achieve activities. The guidelines for that is above in red. 

    Have a good day!  :)


    Thursday, April 9:

    Hi!  You have one new thing to do today - write a Writer's Notebook response on Otus.  Please write for about 10-15 minutes and then please read your independent book for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Please finish up any work that you haven't done from before!  Then enjoy your three-day weekend!  


    Wednesday, April 8:

    Good morning!  I'll be checking through predictions today, but not giving you a grade.  

    The word list is on this Remote Learning page and a roots review will be on Otus today.  

    Please finish up the "Vanished" article and questions and please read your independent reading book.  :). 

    Have a great day!  


    Tuesday, April 7:

    Hi!  Here's what you can do today for Language Arts:

    *Finish up roots predictions for Week 26

    *Read and answer questions for the Vanished article if you didn't do that yesterday

    *Finish up any work you didn't finish from last week

    *Read your independent reading book


    So no new assignments, but there are things to do if you didn't do those things earlier.  Have a good day!  


    Monday, April 6:

    Good morning!  Here we are in Week 2 of Remote Learning.  Here are some important things to know: 

    *. New work is assigned today in Google Classroom and Otus.  Roots predictions are due tomorrow.  The Amelia Earhart story and questions are due on Wednesday.

    *I entered last week's work in PowerSchool.  It is either marked as collected (meaning you turned it in) or as points, but those points are not changing your grade.  If something is marked as missing, you can still finish it.  

    *Don't forget to read your independent reading book!  

    *Please email me if you have questions:  kschoenfelder@antioch34.com

    *I miss seeing you!  I hope everyone is staying healthy.  


    Friday, April 3:

     Happy Friday!  If there is anything you haven't turned in (shared Google Doc, finished in Otus), please finish up those things.  Also please read for at least 30 minutes today. If you need a book to read, look on my Home Page for links to different online books that you can read.  I will be sending a Google Form in Google Classroom that I would like you to complete after you have read today.  

    Please email me if you have any questions.  I hope everyone is doing well.  :)

    Thursday, April 2:

    Hi!  I checked over almost everyone's predictions.  I'll check again for those who weren't done last night.  I'll be attaching a word list here for Week 25 words and then you will have a roots review activity in Otus.  :). 

    Please read an independent book for 30 minutes today and 30 minutes tomorrow.  I'll be sending out an Independent reading check tomorrow morning.


    I'm looking forward to reading your Harris Burdick stories!  



    Tuesday, March 31:

    Good morning!  I added a roots prediction activity to your Otus class.  If you check Otus, it should be there.  Please complete that by the end of the day tomorrow.  :)

    Please let me know if you need any help with anything!  I'm thinking about you all and hope you are doing well!  :)


    March 30 and 31

    Periods 1, 3, 4, 5, 8: 

    Finish up your Achieve 3000 activities!  Some of you have finished all four 

    (plus extra credit activities), but some haven't done 4 yet.  Finish your 4 activities by 

    the end of the day on Tuesday!


    Check Google classroom for the assignment for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!


    Make sure you have an independent reading book!  There are links on my Home Page 

    to help you find ebooks and/or audiobooks if you don't have any books at home. 


    Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Email me at:   kschoenfelder@antioch34.com