• ¡Hola, chicos y chicas! We will begin Remote Learning on March 30. Please look at the appropriate grade level tab on the left to see what we will be learning. I plan on grading your assignments so continue to do your best work. I care about you and your education! :-)

    I am attempting Google Classroom! Please follow the instructions below. 


    Mrs. Gutke’s Remote Learning Expectations and Directions

    • The due date of the assignment will be posted with the assignment.  Most assignments are due the same day they are assigned. 
    • Please stick to academic honesty guidelines.  Do the work on your own, using your notes unless it says something different (quizzes, interpersonal assessments, etc).  I want to know what YOU can do, not what you can do with looking things up online or getting answers from others. 
    • Some assignments may give you the option to work with a partner: you can do this by calling, facetiming, etc. This does not mean you need to be with that person to do the assignment. 


    Google Classroom: 

    - If you have any issues connecting to our class please email me directly: cgutke@antioch34.com