• Greeting Orchestra Studnets & Parents --

      As we travel through this time together, here is some information that you need to know for the upcoming Remote-Learning days: 

      All students will be able to access their Remote-Learning responsibilities through Google Classroom. The students have experience using Google Classroom through various classes and subjects throughout the year. All students SHOULD already be members of the classroom. Should a student have an issue connecting to the Google classroom, please contact me through email, and I will assist: btolhurst@antioch34.com. 

       Starting Monday, March 30, I will put an assignment into the Google Classroom for each day as well as a short form to fill out to show that you have checked in for the day. Please complete the assignment to the best of your ability. They are meant to help you continue to play your instrument, learn about music, and analyze and evaluate various performances. All work can be turned in through the Google Classroom. If you have difficulties with turning the work in through Google Classroom, you can share it with me through Google Drive, or attach your work to an email and send it to me. 

      Along with each assignment, I will add additional links to help through the tuning proces, etc. My advice is to keep practicing, keep playing! You all have access to additional music through Google Classroom. 

       Parents, if you have any questions, or need any assistance, feel free to contact me via email. 


      Update #1. March 29, 2020

      Parents-I have sent an email to you about the details of Remote Learning fororchestr. If you did not receive the email, please let me know.  

    • HEY Ya'll - I MISS YOU ALREADY. For real! I'm not kidding. 

      Here are some helpful hints of things that you can do during this Remote-Learning time.

       1. Wash your hands--lots of times.

      2.  Don't touch your face! 

      2. Do your daily scale warm-ups. They aren't just because we are getting ready to play or because I'm trying to annoy you; our music is built from scales. And, taking a cue from choir singers, do some stretching. Stretching helps us in many ways. If you find yourself sitting for several hours binge-watching NetFlix or playing video games, get up and stretch, and play a song. 

      3. Find some time or some place to play your instrument, in your room, in the living room, on your front porch, in the bathroom, in the basement, etc. It doesn't matter what you play. Music is therapy to many people, and your instrument can help add some much needed relief including yourself. 

      4. Fill your day with more than just TV, Tik-Tok or some other social media. 

                     Find something educational to do.

                     Find something entertaining to do.

                     Find something creative to do.

                     Find a way to help your family with something.

      You are still learning and growing and becoming something wonderful. Continue to grow and learn.

      5. If you need to talk to someone, make sure you find someone to talk to. You are surrounded by a support system who cares for you no matter where you are. Feel free to reach out to me or any of your other teachers. You can always reach me on Google classroom as well. Just go to the last assignment and add a comment.


      UPDATE #2 - April 8, 2020: 


      Good Morning Orchestra Parents/Students &  6th Grade World Music Parents/Students - 


      I hope this email finds you well.  As we are all trying to navigate this remote learning and the other stresses of “sheltering in place”, I’m looking for simpler ways to keep track of assignments and keep parents/guardians appraised of the goings on of my classes.  Starting this week,  I’ll start putting “received” or “missing” assignments into PowerSchool.


      Please keep the following in mind:


      • Late Assignments will be accepted
      • Email me if you have questions
      • Students should email me if they have not yet gained access to the google classroom(s)
      • Students can email me if they have questions about assignments or they can post questions in Google Classroom