Parents side:

    Make sure your child goes to Google Classroom daily to watch video and fill out attendance form.


    Students need to complete assignments weekly--they have a choice in the assignments they do.

    Week 1--3 out of 5 assignments

    Week 2--2 out of 4 assignments


    If students do not turn in any work, plan on receiving an email.


    Parents also be sure to fill out the office-generated email form every day your child is in attendance. This step is very important.


    Thank you for your support. 


    Questions or concerns? email me at Mrs. Blachowski's email address
















    Hello Choir members and parents--

    As we travel through this time together, here is some information that you need to know for the upcoming E-Learning days. 

    All students will be able to access their E-Learning responsibilities through Google Classroom. The students have experience using Google Classroom through various projects and assignments throughout the year. All students are members already of the classroom. Should a student have an issue connecting to the Google classroom, please contact me through email, and I will assist:  Mrs. Blachowski's email address


    Starting Monday, March 30, I will put an assignment into the Google Classroom for each day as well as a short form to fill out to show that you have checked in for the day. Please complete the assignment to the best of your ability. They are meant to help you continue to sing, learn about music, and analyze and evaluate various performances and songs. All work can be turned in through the Google Classroom. If you have difficulties with turning the work in through Google Classroom, you can share it with me through Google Drive, or attach your work to an email and send it to me (Mrs. Blachowski's email address).

    Along with each assignment, I will put practice tracks (of your song and part) as well as the accompaniments for the songs. I intend to put these into Google Classroom sooner than March 30. My advice is to keep practicing the songs. You all have access to the sheet music through Google Classroom. 


    Parents, if you have any questions, or need any assistance, feel free to contact me via email Mrs. Blachowski's email address


    Update #1. March 29, 2020

    Parents-I have sent an email to you about the details of Remote Learning for choir. If you did not receive the email, you can click here.

    Within the email, I have explained how to get the assignments, how to find the requirements of the assignments, and how to submit assignments. Students will need to submit their work in order to receive feedback. 

    As always, please email me with any questions you have. Mrs. Blachowski's email address

    I am missing making music with your children.




    Choir weekly responsibilities:

    Go to Google Classroom Daily.

    1. Watch the video

    2. Fill out the form (this is for attendance purposes and a change to see if you need assistance with anything--help submitting or questions about assignment)


    Throughout the week:

    Complete the number of assignments requested out of the choice you have listed for the week:

    Week 1--complete 3 out of the 5 assignments

    Week 2--compete 2 out of the 4 assignments


    Completion grades will be posted in PowerSchool. If you don't see it there, there was an issue with submitting it.

    1. You submission is not complete--look at the comments and fix what needs to be fixed

    2. You forgot to submit it. 



    Parents will be notified weeky if you do not check in for the week, or if you complete no assignments.














    HEY--I MISS YOU ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

    Here are some helpful hints of things that you can do during this E-Learning time.


    1. Wash your hands--lots of times. And don't touch your face.

    2. Do your daily stretches that we do in class. They aren't just because we are getting ready to sing. Stretching helps us in many ways. If you find yourself sitting for several hours binge-watching NetFlix or playing video games--get up and stretch!!

    3. Find some time or some place to sing--in your room, in the living room, at the park during a walk, at the table in the kitchen, even the chip aisle at Walmart. It doesn't matter what you sing. Music is therapy to many people, and your voice can help add some much needed relief including yourself. (As an example I sang Baby Shark with my niece the other day at Walmart.)

    4. Fill your day with more than just TV.

                   Find something educational to do.

                   Find something entertaining to do.

                   Find something creative to do.

                   Find a way to help your family with something.

    You are still learning and growing and becoming something wonderful. Continue to grow and learn.

    5. If you need to talk to someone, make sure you find someone to talk to. You are surrounded by a support system who cares for you no matter where you are. Feel free to reach out to me or any of your other teachers. You can just click here:  Mrs. Blachowski's email address. You can always reach me on Google classroom as well. Just go to the last assignment and add a comment.

    See you soon!!!!


    3/19/20 Update #1--Here is a link for a video that I shared on Google Classroom. Send me song suggestions that you would like to sing. Some examples--Part of Your World, Man In the Mirror, Burn.

    March 19 Hi Video And Challenge

    You suggest a song and I record the accompaniment. I will post them on Google Classroom for all to practice. You can look up lyrics to the songs on your IPAD and sing away. Better yet, find a song you love and rewrite the lyrics..........you can even record your performance and send it back my way. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Happy singing!