Mrs. G.'s Math Lesson for the Week

    Directions: This choice board has open ended, self directed activities for students to engage in as a remote learning option.

    -All students must complete three activities in the first row (the ★ activities).

    -In addition, select one activity from the CAN DO activities below (the 𝥁 activities)

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    ★ Must Do Activities:  

    1) Do two questions on your daily math work.

    2) Complete your daily math drill.  Some people like to be timed. You get two minutes and 50 seconds. After you check your work. Give yourself a goal for tomorrow.

          If you don’t want to be timed, complete the multiplication sheet.  Is it getting easier. Once it is easy, I’ll assign the next drill.

          For masters, you are working on multiplying two digit numbers.  We will work on it together.

    3) Complete your concept worksheet or assigned activities on IXL or Splashlearn.  It might be fractions, division or something else we are working on.                  

    𝥁  Can do Math (Choose 1):  

    - SplashLearn     

    - Other interactive math sites that have been assigned