• Reuse materials to make P.E. equipment! 

    Be creative and use whatever you have adult permission to use for equipment. Gather "equipment" and place in your P.E. storage container. Keep in one place so you have it every day for P.E. class! For SAFETY reasons, no glass or aluminum is allowed!

    Click on link below for instructional video:

    Homemade Equipment


    Equipment storage -  big box, bag, old pillow case, bucket, old laundry basket

    Ball –                           old socks folded together

    Scarves/balloons –      3 plastic grocery sacks

    Little Cones –              empty bottled water or other drinks

    Big Cones –                 two liter bottle, orange juice carton, large Gatorade bottle (leave the caps on!)

    Hurdles –                     empty freezer food or cracker box

    Scoops –                      2 gallon size milk or other drink containers (Wash them out and dry first!)

    Jump rope –                6-8 grocery bags, duct tape

    Balancing stick –         empty paper towel roll, empty toilet paper roll

    Target –                       shoe box

    Bean Bag –                  beans or rice in a sock with duct tape to secure

    Transferrable-            old stuffed animals

    Mat -                           old towel or blanket

    Bin -                             bucket, low laundry basket, box


    Homemade P.E. Equipment


    Click below for video on how to make your own jump rope.

     How to make a jump rope

    Click below for video on how to make your own bean bag.

     How to make a bean bag (You can add rice or beans with adult permission.)