Social Work Corner - September

  • Routines


    We all know how important it is to re-establish routines to help our children adjust to returning to school. Healthy bedtime, morning and breakfast routines will ensure your children stay healthy, happy and ready to learn during their school day. Most children find these routines comforting, and will begin to develop organization and independence within themselves.


    Having a difficult time following the routine or staying with the schedule? Try creating lists and place them in each room. (Bathroom – brush teeth, brush hair, hang up towel. Bedroom – get dressed, put pj’s in the hamper, make bed.) You could write these lists on a small dry-erase board or laminate the paper so that your child can check off the items when they are finished.


    Is your child slow to get moving and dragging his or her feet? Turn on the kitchen timer and make it a game. Your children can race each other or try to beat the timer.